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City Desk
15 May, 2007  
Where are they now?

Pelly, Dick, Priest, Rogers – legal reptiles shifting around the PR and media scene … John Goodyear’s upmarket hostelry chain in Van Diemen’s Land

imageDistressing news from Canberra. Michael Pelly has quit his press secretary job with Fabulous Phil Ruddock.

Pelly From Helly left The Sydney Morning Herald’s legal affairs round to work as Mr Amnesty’s spinmeister and everyone thought it was a love affair made in heaven.

Alas, it didn’t work out and field agents on the Molonglo report that the split boiled down to unhappiness in the attorney general’s office.

I’m shattered.

* * *

imagePelly was replaced at Granny Herald by Tim Dick, who had been a solicitor at Gilbert + Tobin. Now Dick has left the paper to return to his old law shop.

He’s meant to be doing some of the Packer work but Mark O’Brien (seen here), who decamped to Johnson Winter & Slattery, has his paw well and truly on that bone and is muscling in on some of the Channel Seven media jobs, although Malleys by no means has been shoved aside.

What with the bowyanged Rural Press types moving into control of Fairfax, maybe Mark might even edge Freehills aside to take on that account.

* * *

imageWhile on the movement of reptiles, many think that Marcus Priest has quit the legal affairs gig at The Fun Review.

For weeks the paper has been saying that the Friday law pages have been edited by Rachel Nickless.

I was worried that Captain Queeg (pic), the AFR editor, may have forced Priest to walk the plank over the missing strawberries, but am assured that Priest is OK and has been having a stint running the Perth bureau of the Fun and will be back to Sydney soonest where he’ll do some of the legal affairs stuff and more writing up the front of the book.

At the moment the law section is absolutely creaming The Australian’s efforts. Last Friday alone (May 11) the AFR was running four pages of legal affairs with seven stories (plus the Hearsay column) and five ads, while The Oz had one page, two stories (plus Prejudice column) and two ads, hardly enough to pay the enormous wages of editor Chris imageMerritt (pic).

* * *

Kate Rogers, has bailed out as media manager at the NSW Law n’ Order Society, and gone to Melbourne to assist with Minties’ communications strategy.

The society has lured Maria Iannotti, who worked with the Opposition in Macquarie Street, but she is only there pro tem.

Any takers for the full-time position? Judging by the turnover in recent years it must be a pearl of a position.

* * *

And what of John Goodyear, ex-Phillips Fox, I hear you ask?

He ran away to Vietnam years ago, but recently bobbed up in Hobart as proprietor of the rather gorgeous, award winning Islington Hotel.

Now I hear there’s to be another in the Goodie hostelry chain opening in Van Diemen’s Land, plus a resort on an island off the coast of Vietnam.

Who would have thought there’s a life after law?