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William Collins Articles from 2010
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William Collins    May 25, 2010  
Shop talk

Application of contemporary standards to use of the F%#*-word in public … Context is everything in coming to grips with indecent language … Justice Beach shows the way in Easter egg drama ... more

William Collins    May 19, 2010  
Murdoch's matey world

Guthrie v News Ltd. William Collins, Justinian’s veteran observer of Melbourne’s curial world, thinks Bruce Guthrie’s win against Harto and Blunders is on the margins of being a Pyrrhic one ... more

William Collins    April 1, 2010  
Phil Cleary unsuccessfully deconstructs himself

William Collins is back from a stint at the Clarence Darrow Institute for the Furtherance of Robust and Respectful Advocacy at Podunk, New York … In a special bumper dispatch he gets to grips with Melbourne’s dazzling Dyson Hore-Lacy defo case … Sizeable all-up award of $709,380 plus indemnity costs … Ouch ... more