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William Collins Articles from 2007
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William Collins    February 28, 2007  
Solidarity forever on the old silk road

After a valiant, but ultimately unsuccessful, campaign to reform Victoria’s silk appointment system John Riordan retires “hurt”. VicBar says never mind the quality, just feel the width ... more

William Collins    February 22, 2007  
Vic bar n' grill girds for today's showdown

Can the Victorian bar council head-off a requestioned general meeting to overturn the current silk selection process? We’ll know today. John Riordan jabs a finger at plotters on the Supreme Court. Now Earl Warren CJ rallies to defend her “process”. Was there ever so much excitement? ... more

William Collins    January 18, 2007  
The new therapeutic jurisprudence

Chris Maxwell chalks up 18-months as Prez of VicAppeals. He’s excelled at all the performance indicators and can still make the milk of human kindness flow through his judgments… And what of that awkward silence from the newspaper attack hounds? ... more