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William Collins Articles from 2005
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William Collins    November 28, 2005  
Notes from Yarraside

David Byrne J troubled by boots-and-all style of litigation … Justice Elizabeth Hollingworth drops the judicial language, for a moment ... more

William Collins    July 27, 2005  
Masterplan brutalises the lingo

The Melbourne Legal Precinct Masterplan takes the English language to new and spooky places … The new President of the Court of Appeal gets a decent welcome ... more

William Collins    July 19, 2005  
The age of the forensic superstar

The forensic tussle in the Gatto case has spilled into the street. While Mick Gatto rests at Hamilton Island the Crown Prosecutor gives defence star Robert Richter a post-trial spray over the submissions about the gun and the lethal bullet. Our fascination with the glittering orbs of the law knows no limit ... more

William Collins    June 28, 2005  
A little lecture on open justice in the email age

Despite the expedition and efficiency the Victorian Court of Appeal frowns on delivery of judgments by email … There’s been plenty of distractions with the civil rape proceedings against Geoff Clark – including the Robert Richter defamation actions (settled) and Justice (Cab) Callaway’s footnote to his postscript ... more

William Collins    May 15, 2005  
Clash of the regulatory titans

Professional standards people at the LIV appealing the Supreme Court decision which allows the Legal Ombudsman to press ahead with an investigation into their management of trust accounts in receivership. Costs are now the gritty issue in this exhausting struggle … The miscarriage of justice in the Daryl Beamish case was identified 40 years ago by the professor of jurisprudence at Melbourne law school … more

William Collins    March 24, 2005  
Lawyers as litigants

Inevitably there’s amusement to be had when lawyers are the subject of too much attention – such as being chased by disaffected clients, getting their munificent legal aid funding cut off, or having the stipes throw the book at their beastly language ... more

William Collins    March 9, 2005  
The bar protests too much - given the history of acting judges

If it was good enough for Sir O. Dixon what’s so wrong with having acting judges these days? There used to be plenty of them in Victoria and the world didn’t collapse … more

William Collins    February 21, 2005  
A Flurry of Appointments

A chance meeting in the Dolomites by a couple of presumptive Melbourne judges produced some baroque intercourse. ... more