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Barry Lane Articles from 2010
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Barry Lane    July 7, 2010  
Lies, damn lies and economic modelling

KPMG leads where most lawyers fear to tread … Working both sides of the street … Conflicts in the eye of the beholder … Redrawing the fine line on “independent” advice … Barry Lane reports ... more

Barry Lane    May 25, 2010  
The never ending quest

Injured workers seem to have multiple bites of the cherry until they stumble on the “right” opinion from a medical panel … Barry Lane’s eyes are watering as he contemplates the cost to the long suffering taxpayer … Time for some parliamentary penmanship ... more

Barry Lane    April 14, 2010  
Fresh thoughts on "ulterior purpose"

Documents discovered in litigation finding their way into the public gaze … Whatever happened to Harman v Home Department? ... Victorian WorkCover Authority off the document hook … Subpoenas to rain like confetti … Meanwhile, NSW legislates to tighten restrictions on use of court docs … Barry Lane reports from Melbourne ... more

Barry Lane    March 5, 2010  
More robust advocacy

Melbourne silk Paul Scanlon in the frame, again … Victory at any price … Inappropriate closing address … Trial judge Jack Forrest also knuckle-rapped … VWA defending with no real case ... more

Barry Lane    March 3, 2010  
Litigation Lotto

How many judges does it take to work out whether leave should be given for a workplace injury claim? ... Never enough … The Lotto barrel spins until “reasoning” is exhausted ... more