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Barry Lane Articles from 2009
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Barry Lane    November 29, 2009  
Current tax notes

Great names in Australian taxation – Packer … Vesty … Archer … Stevens … Now they’ve been joined by the cleaning contractor AES Services and the Myer private equity investor TPG ... more

Barry Lane    September 23, 2009  
My piece of Myer

Jennifer Hawkins gets behind the Myer share roadshow … Using sex appeal to flog stock … Barry Lane asks, why not sex to sell policies and politicians? ... more

Barry Lane    September 15, 2009  
Keep it simple

Aiding and abetting … How clear do directions to a jury have to be? ... If everyone else can get the drift, why can’t the appeal court? ... more

Barry Lane    August 21, 2009  
Send lawyers, guns and money

Unfortunately for Mercurial Malcolm and “Otto” Abetz they mucked-up their blame-Godwin strategy … The delights of unsworn testimony … More fodder for the privileges committee … Barry Lane has the drop ... more

Barry Lane    August 4, 2009  
Boys and their toys

Litigation as public entertainment … Barry Lane takes Attorney General Hulls’ plans for more judicial mediations one step further ... more

Barry Lane    May 29, 2009  
Corporate equine manslaughter

Racing Victoria says its primary responsibility is to its “stakeholders” ... and a dead horse is not a stakeholder … Deputy Premier Rob F* Hulls may have an ace up his sleeve … A uniform OH&S regime … Barry Lane investigates ... more

Barry Lane    May 12, 2009  
A touch of hermeneutic exposition from VicAppeals

Defamation cases have never been simpler. With the assistance of “hermeneutic exposition” the defence of comment can be batted up and down the supply chain almost indefinitely. Heaven help a jury that misconstrues the subtlety of the hendiadys ... more

Barry Lane    April 9, 2009  
Casuistical paltering

Lawyers deceiving the courts. Issac Brott tried to wriggle off the hook with a bit of casuistical reasoning. VicAppeals was wise to his ploy ... more

Barry Lane    March 31, 2009  
Sydney lawyers and TINS

Barry Lane tracks in exquisite detail the Kala Subramaniam case, which should have sounded a warning bell for The Mensch. Alas ... more

Barry Lane    March 6, 2009  
This is serious

Eight years on the law has decided that a worker’s injuries are “serious” enough for him to claim common law damages. Brett Dwyer is now a hero of the compo wars. Barry Lane reviews the painful process ... more

Barry Lane    March 4, 2009  
County Court judges hammered by The Hun

The Herald Sun loaded some figures about successful conviction and sentencing appeals into the Kenwood mix-master and gave them a good shake. Enter Barry Lane – defender of “mistake prone” County Court judges ... more