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Barry Lane Articles from 2008
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Barry Lane    December 23, 2008  
Further adventures of legendary Melbourne litigators

Issac Brott scores an own goal and is benched for a further five years … while solicitor Mark Morgan gets a huge Christmas present from VicAppeals as it knocks over his conviction for contempt, and in the process tips a bucket of cold water over the state’s claim to be a “model litigant”

... more
Barry Lane    December 13, 2008  
Stella snares another victim

Vic QC fell foul of internet myths … raised an allegation of fraudulent conduct without an evidentiary basis … Was discourteous to Betty King … And exceeded the bounds of robust advocacy … All in a day’s work … more

Barry Lane    December 3, 2008  
Solicitors' liens and legendary litigators

Sometimes solicitors can lien so far and so hard they topple over. This has happened to deticketed Melbourne solly Issac Brott. Barry Lane reports on the latest twist in the Brott saga ... more

Barry Lane    November 17, 2008  
Leading legal luminaries challenge traditional manta on juries

Barry Lane detects in the wind a climate of change towards juries. Traditionalists are joining a gently swelling chorus against retaining the jury system in its current configuration ... more

Barry Lane    September 26, 2008  
Legendary litigator cut down

The rollicking, fun-filled legal career of Issac Brott has run off the tracks – at least for the time being. While he was busy keeping watch on drug use at the bar, he took his eye of his own manifold affairs ... more

Barry Lane    September 12, 2008  

Barry Lane seems to be having a bit of a giggle as the Victorian Court of Appeal grapples with “deciding for itself” in serious injury cases. It’s a tricky business, specially when “misunderstandings” from previous decisions have to be straightened out ... more

Barry Lane    August 14, 2008  
Lawyers and asset protection

Corporate plod attacks legal advice as ASIC takes its first action against a solicitor for “phoenix trading”. Is nothing sacred anymore? ... more

Barry Lane    July 28, 2008  
"Legal work" - a slippery concept

The Law Institute attacks a non-lawyer it falsely claimed was doing legal work. However, as Barry Lane in Melbourne points out, the LIV insists it’s not legal work when a solicitor handles a client’s investment money, and steals the lot ... more

Barry Lane    June 10, 2008  
Physicians not healing themselves

Some rather dangerous doctors have been let loose on the community. Recently we’ve had Reeves and Patel and in Britain there’s the notious Shipman case. The damage might have been averted earlier if there’d been an open national register of complaints and findings against medicos. Over to you Lillian ... more

Barry Lane    April 29, 2008  
Where's the holy water when you need it?

VicAppeals points to misguided attempt by in-house solicitor to drench expert’s report in privilege. Reminder: privilege should be decided by matters of substance, not form. Barry Lane reports ... more

Barry Lane    April 23, 2008  
Lull in hostilities in Victoria's "serious injury" wars

The High Court in Dwyer v Calco Timbers has put an end to a delightful jig. From here on, barring more meddling by parliament, VicAppeals has to review “serious injury” applications on their merits ... more

Barry Lane    April 18, 2008  
A tale of two inquests

As far as the grieving parents are concerned juries have come up with the wrong version of the “truth” in the Dodi & Di and Kovco inquests … At least Mohamed Al Fayed is a hoot ... more

Barry Lane    February 25, 2008  
Judges, the common law and "evil activists"

Barry Lane in Melbourne says the alarm about judicial activism being raised by the likes of Janet Albrechtsen is false. Much of the time elected politicians are begging unelected judges to “legislate” ... more

Barry Lane    February 7, 2008  
If only they'd stuck to their knitting

At law school they don’t teach the rule against borrowing short and investing long. Not to worry, the bear market has taught members of that special breed – the lawyer turned bizoid – a useful lesson ... more