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Barry Lane Articles from 2007
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Barry Lane    December 19, 2007  
Lawyers' fees: when a premium is really a discount

Law firm fee agreement said the “normal” rate of remuneration is $400 an hour for “successful” work. Otherwise it’s $66 an hour. VicAppeals finds this does not amount to an excessive uplift ... more

Barry Lane    December 9, 2007  
The very model of a modern major litigant

Victoria’s Transport Accident Commission is supposed to be a model litigant – but Barry Lane wonders what sort of “model” it is following ... more

Barry Lane    November 13, 2007  
Call the doctor, again

Medical Panels in Victoria are supposed to assist in achieving a cheaper and less legalistic workers comp regime. However, increasingly the “finality” of their findings is being impugned. Barry Lane is on the case ... more

Barry Lane    October 1, 2007  
To be, or not to be, a company director

Little Johnnie’s workplace laws bring out fabulously creative solutions by bosses to screw the unions – such as making employees company “directors”. Who said we’re not a clever little country? The trouble with these scams, as the AIRC discovered, is that the employers have to pay more attention to the details ... more

Barry Lane    September 10, 2007  
Contumelious undertakings

Mark Morgan, “over-exuberant human rights defender”, is in deeper merde than a Werribee duck, while the coppers who bashed his client go “quack-quack” ... more

Barry Lane    August 28, 2007  
A "surge" in the serious injury wars

Barry Lane provides some serious reading about serious injury cases in Victoria. A new front has opened up with the High Court entering the accident compo battleground. No doubt all the smoke will soon be cleared ... more

Barry Lane    August 6, 2007  
Senator Waffle explains

Plenty of double-talk from “Justice” Minister David Johnston as to whether judges will be required to approve warrants under his new crime and terror laws. Fortunately hacks in the media are on hand to clear-up the confusion ... more

Barry Lane    July 27, 2007  
Tax evasion and the DPP

There was never a satisfactory explanation as to why John Howard’s chum Rob Gerard was not prosecuted for his tax rorts. On the strength of the Gerard precedent we are left with the impression that Glenn Wheatley might be much more comfortably accommodated if he had kicked into the Liberal Party ... more

Barry Lane    July 18, 2007  
Judicial "activism"

Barry Lane revisits one of the great pieces of 20th century judicial activism, Donoghue v Stevenson. Nowadays, an activist judge is one who upsets political conservatives and their claqueurs in the press. It’s a smear that is supposed to work as a soundbite ... more

Barry Lane    July 9, 2007  
Another legendary litigator takes a tumble

Peter “Ziggy” Ziegler’s $220 million forensic foray against Village Roadshow has come a cropper with an award of indemnity costs against him. Not only is the legendary litigator considerably lighter in the wallet, his folly has also put a dent in the public purse ... more

Barry Lane    June 18, 2007  
Adversarial civil litigation: past its use-by date

Appeal judges are largely responsible for the mess in the way civil litigation is conducted. Barry Lane comes up with two marvellous suggestions to reform the system from within ... more

Barry Lane    May 21, 2007  
More "unintelligible conundrums" from VicAppeals

Another variation on the unintelligible conundrum theme: I don’t know nothing, but if I did know something then what I knew wasn’t enough to make it illegal ... more

Barry Lane    May 7, 2007  
Bankruptcy - the path to true wealth

Barry Lane gets all hot and bothered about bankrupt fraudsters squirreling a few quid away, courtesy of friends and family. Uncle Ray Williams looks like the latest in a distinguished line-up ... more

Barry Lane    April 27, 2007  
Yarraside lawyers in the merde

Clarinda Molyneux QC’s brush with VicBar … Fondness for prerogative relief fouls another of the Katzenjammer Kids ... Why Ziggy Ziegler’s mammoth claim went down the gurgler

... more
Barry Lane    March 12, 2007  
Dobbers unite

Carl Williams and Steve Vizard have been successful Melbourne business identities. Both are now experiencing serious setbacks to their entrepreneurial activities and their standing in the community. According the Barry Lane, their troubles stem from a lack of attention to the human resource departments of their respective empires ... more

Barry Lane    March 4, 2007  
Serious injury wars - a new front opens up

Prez Chris Maxwell issues a memo to the WorkCover minister: VicAppeals should not sit as a medical tribunal in serious injury cases. It should be confined to questions of law. It’s about time the current, poxy appeals system was knocked on the head ... more

Barry Lane    February 12, 2007  
Latest wisdom from VicAppeals on "serious injury"

Appeal courts and the viewing of injured workers captured on video. How much of the trial judge’s ground should be retilled? Barry has a solution to the problem posed by the “subtle influence of demeanour” ... more

Barry Lane    January 5, 2007  
Rank odours in the meat department

Like many companies Coles Myer has a lovely ethical code of conduct for its people. One managing director has been dismissed and two other senior executives are under investigation. Barry Lane wants to know whether all code violators are treated the same? ... more