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Barry Lane Articles from 2006
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Barry Lane    November 28, 2006  
Case concepts for sex trials

Hostile grump Peter Faris was right to steer away from defending rapists, according to Barry Lane. The Victorian Court of Appeal has breathed life into the record of interview with police and the unsworn statement. Sexual assault victims can still be trashed by defence counsel ... more

Barry Lane    November 8, 2006  
Another legendary litigator

It’s looks as though we might have a 2006 winner for the Joe Guss Legendary Litigators Award. Barry Lane is nominating one half of the brilliant Katzenjammer Kids ... more

Barry Lane    September 19, 2006  
"Unintelligible conundrums" besiege criminal justice

The rate at which criminal convictions are being overturned in Victoria is skyrocketing. Barry finds a secret memo which advances various cures – some of which are a bit fanciful ... more

Barry Lane    September 6, 2006  
Mills Oakley's costly contempt

A letter from Mills Oakley threatening an invalid, old-aged pensioner with defamation led to a finding of contempt by the privileges committee of parliament. It was the last straw before the law firm was turfed-off the WorkCover Authority’s panel ... more

Barry Lane    August 9, 2006  
Re-assessing the contributory negligence caper

Despite the High Court’s lecture about appeal judges fiddling with jury apportionments for contributory negligence, the Victorian landscape is littered with the Court of Appeal’s handiwork at improving jurors’ thinking ... more

Barry Lane    August 3, 2006  
A question of characterisation

Barry Lane examines the entrails of the High Court’s thinking in the Citilink and Geoff Clark cases and wonders how some curious “characterisations” were conjured ... more

Barry Lane    July 20, 2006  
Worker falls into black hole

How must workers injured in the “black hole” period feel as they gaze upon “their” damages being awarded to the WorkCover Authority? ... And why hasn’t Little Johnnie applauded Justice Allsop riding to the rescue of small liquor retailers? Barry Lane in Melbourne poses some pressing questions ... more

Barry Lane    July 13, 2006  
Palely loitering silks and their tax bills

It seems that the incidence of income tax is causing grave bouts of ill-health and mental confusion at inner Victorian Bar & Lounge ... more

Barry Lane    May 8, 2006  
Sue, Weave & Duck

Another in our series of inspirational solicitors. This one litigates till he drops … or has his ticket cancelled. Barry Lane uncovers a high-flyer from the school of deviousness, delay and obfuscation ... more

Barry Lane    April 5, 2006  
The Labours of Hercules

The litigation caper at its most distracting. Lots of time consuming and unmeritorious interlocutory applications, inappropriate behaviour by the solicitor defendant, intemperate letters, unpleasant threats, unfounded accusations, delays caused by a shortage of judges and masters. On and on it goes. And it’s all over a racehorse ... more

Barry Lane    March 24, 2006  
Choose your arsenic

I warned everyone about the perils of too much choice in the workplace. As employees “choose” to become independent contractors they should contemplate the pitfalls of all this freedom and the way their tiny operations can get mashed in the courts by corporate behemoths ... more

Barry Lane    February 7, 2006  
True confessions

Voluntary confession to family members may not be voluntary if the interrogation is too rigorous – says the Victorian Court of Appeal. “Confessing” to the family is given the same protections as a formal police interview. What a magnificent breakthrough ... more