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Judges Articles from 2009
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Judges    December 10, 2009  
The Great Wall

Apprehended bias application after judge runs off at the mouth in public … Qld’s former chief barman sent to the stipes after trying to protect dignity of District Court judge Clive Wall ... more

Judges    November 2, 2009  
More charges please

Federal Court CJ Michael Black tried to intervene in the criminal justice process … Crossing the line … How often do judges get their staff to ring the DPP and suggest that charges against an accused be cranked-up? ... more

Judges    October 23, 2009  
Fresh federal judges

Today the Attorney General Robert McClelland will announce the names of five new Federal Court judges … Here are four of them … Late Extra! ... more

Judges    October 23, 2009  
Federal Court appointments

It pays to wait for the official announcement … Here they are … From a pond of 200 plus applicants five new Federal Court judges have been selected … Including a unique dual Federal-State judge ... more

Judges    October 6, 2009  
Federal Court CJ

Here’s a list of contenders for an upcoming vacancy – Chief Justice of the Federal Court … Refined speculations … Weight for age … Jockey Club selections ... more

Judges    September 25, 2009  
Dr Flak

Access to justice means more judges … Justice Flick lets fly about the failure to fill gleaming new rooms at the (Sydney) Federal Court with fresh judges … But hold – help is on the way ... more

Judges    July 31, 2009  
Spry's fresh spray

Lecture on trusts. Ian Spry QC continues to argue the High Court was “clearly wrong” in its decision last December over the distribution of family trust assets. In a new missive to the Chief Justice Spry picks at the majority reasoning and tosses in some feisty personal barbs ... more

Judges    March 20, 2009  
Minimum two years porridge for The Mensch

A long morning as the sentencing judge combed through every detail of The Mensch’s crimes. “Justice” Einfeld brought his toothbrush and went down for three on the top, two on the bottom ... more

Judges    February 27, 2009  
Enough, already

Update ... Einfeld to be sentenced in three weeks … Conditional bail granted … Crown’s written submissions … Offence in the “worst case” category ... more

Judges    February 13, 2009  
The Spry epistles

“I was associate to Sir Owen Dixon” ... Florid letters bearing the moniker of Ian Spry QC have been circulating on the internet … High Court judges are in his sights as he reargues the family trusts case he lost in December ... more

Judges    February 5, 2009  
Justice Crennan is unwell

Health Report … The High Court is one down as Susan Crennan bundys off with an undisclosed illness ... more

Judges    February 2, 2009  
A life in Commonwealth cars is not a good look

Wish me good luck as you wave me goodbye. Kirbs says hoo-roo to the High Court. After more than 30 years in the judging caper this remarkable man says farewell ... more