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Judges Articles from 2008
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Judges    December 19, 2008  
Bingham on Spigs

Justinian sent a camera crew up to the NSW Banco Court to capture Baron Bingham of Cornhill launching a bound volume of J.J. Spigelman’s speeches. The event marked Spigs’ 10 years as CJ of NSW. The Chief Justice does good speech, and so does Tom Bingham. As you’ll see the camera person seems to have lost his brave struggle with an awful addiction. Sadly, we’ve had to let him go ... more

Judges    December 16, 2008  
Mrs Judge goes to Canberra

Virginia Bell, who is to take Michael Kirby’s place on the High Court, has fused marvellous stage presence and legal brilliance into one seamless performance. Consequently, this is an amazingly excellent selection ... more

Judges    December 10, 2008  
Kirby's early departure from the High Court

Michael Kirby, enlightened jurist, sparkling speaker, and man of great humour, will soon be out of (judicial) work. What’s next for this restless soul? ... more

Judges    November 17, 2008  
Liati and The Mensch - latest

It seems The Mensch has had a secret life as a book reviewer of literary gems. While Einfeld has pleaded guilty, his “alibi” Angela Liati battles on, alone and unrepresented ... more

Judges    September 17, 2008  
More bombshells at the Liati trial - round one

Traffic matters. Mensch’s former alibi says her speeding car trip to Mosman with Theahresa Brennan really did happen – she just got the day wrong ... more

Judges    September 15, 2008  
It's an ambulatory kinda world

The Commonwealth DPP doesn’t think that judges have to concentrate all the time. In fact, a judge can be sound asleep, but if that makes no difference to the outcome of a trial, then snooze on. It’s all a question of effect, not appearances. High Court transcript makes for fun reading ... more

Judges    September 2, 2008  
First day of spring

Justice Robert French has been sworn-in as the new Chief Justice of Australia. Justinian was there with his camera crew to record the ancient and venerable High Court morning tea ceremony, where courtiers from around the nation assembled to pay obeisance to the new tribal chief ... more

Judges    July 31, 2008  
Seven good reasons why Spigs is not the highest CJ

The jockeying, the speculation, the rumours, the fun – have all come to an end. Fortunately, though, the nutty commentary continues. Robert French has the job. How did Spigs manage to run second? ... more

Judges    July 24, 2008  
CJ speculation is rife

Talk of splits in the cabinet over the new High Court Chief Justice, compromise candidates and scary alternatives. Still no decision ... more

Judges    July 9, 2008  
Heffernan v Kirby - Round 37

Senator Wild Bill Heffernan is at it again – making whacko allegations in the senate about Justice Michael Kirby, although this time he carefully didn’t name the judge ... more

Judges    July 4, 2008  
Botched ADT appointment

There was a last minute scramble to rectify a gaping deficiency in Justice Wayne Haylen’s appointment as a deputy president of the NSW Administrative Decisions Tribunal. So that the judge could hear disciplinary cases against lawyers, he had to be rescued with an emergency judicial elevation. Revised version ... more

Judges    April 11, 2008  
Kirby, God, Gayness and Judging

Those whacko letters to Michael Kirby from the vicar of Bellevue Hill … And the “conversation” in the Banco court with journalist David Marr ... more

Judges    February 27, 2008  
Jobs ahoy

Alex Mitchell brings news from the Rialto that an eminent member of the Faithful is to be sacrificed on the altar of the NSW Industrial Relations Commission ... more

Judges    February 20, 2008  
Farewell Sir Lancelot

He’s done 10 years and he’s off. Justice Lance Wright bows out as head of the NSW Industrial Relations Commission. Alex Mitchell pens a farewell ... more

Judges    February 14, 2008  
Judicial activism

The rump of Australian neo-cons warns us of the “evils of judicial activism” – and if anyone can sniff out this evil it’s newspaper pundit Janet Albrechtsen. Justice Robert French, from the Federal Court, defends the patch in this Justinian webcast of proceedings at the Gilbert + Tobin Centre’s recent constitutional knees-up ... more