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Judges Articles from 2007
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Judges    December 31, 2007  
Rough justice from Front-End Loader

The NT Supreme Court delivers snappy rebuke to Magistrate Loadman after he unloaded on a couple of unfortunate Mindil stall-holders ... more

Judges    December 13, 2007  
A good prosecution case

After a few last desperate legal throes the National Living Treasure Marcus Einfeld is committed to stand trial for perjury and other falsities. The Greek toenail clipper Angela Liati also to be tried over a botched alibi ... more

Judges    December 12, 2007  
The Mensch has no case to answer: Barker

Committal hearing – day two. Marcus Einfeld’s barrister fails to cross-examine key prosecution witness about the former judge’s mobile phone calls on the fateful day his car was caught on camera speeding in Mosman. According to the defence the police timing of the car’s movements is all wrong ... more

Judges    December 11, 2007  
Heavy traffic at The Mensch's committal

The ex-judge, his “close friend”, his alibi and his speeding car all collide at the Drowning Centre. Our reporter Ginger Snatch is court-side ... more

Judges    October 12, 2007  
Goings on ...

Local lawyers “distain” acting Fiji CJ, who is now a litigant in his own court … Judge Greg Woods enters the fray on pokies and vice dens … According to Spiggsy CJ, it was Adam, Eve and the Snake who sowed the seeds of sentencing controversy ... more

Judges    September 11, 2007  
Fair trial proceeds while judge sleeps

NSW Court of Appeal upholds the fundamental right of judges to get in some important sleep time while trying cases. It was perfectly fine for Judge Ian Dodd “to knit up the ravelled sleave of care” while on the bench ... more

Judges    August 23, 2007  
Tales of the South Pacific

The Pommy ex-pat judge who opened his trap too wide at a diplomatic cocktail party and sank the guilty verdict he was so determined to hand out to an alleged mutineer. “There was certainly the appearance of a possibility of an absence of an impartial mind on the part of the judge.” ... more

Judges    August 14, 2007  
The money and the bench

The strange case of the ex-judge who sued his accountant. Did Terry Christie really think he’d be better off swapping the bar for judging? Then there was a little matter of apprehended bias ... more

Judges    August 14, 2007  
Susan Kiefel

A worker bee in the lush gardens of the law … A sun-kissed daughter of Queensland … A steady-as-she-goes pine tree … Welcome to the bone-dry world of the newest High Court judge ... more

Judges    July 24, 2007  
We're all activists now

The Australian’s “activist judges” campaign was a significant feat. It managed to combine a beat-up with a marked lack of rigour and more than a smidgen of hypocrisy ... more

Judges    July 17, 2007  
Pat O'Shane raked over the coals - again

Fresh flaws discovered in Pat O’Shane’s understanding of the law. Ignorance, coupled with incomprehension, unreasonableness and irrelevance, makes for a heady, if regrettable, cocktail. Justice Rod Howie stirs and shakes … more

Judges    July 13, 2007  
To sleep, perchance to dream

A judge who sleeps through a trial may not necessarily be “absent” from proceedings, according to preliminary musings from some on the NSW Court of Criminal Appeal. Confidence in the justice system may be enhanced if judges are unconscious ... more

Judges    June 7, 2007  
Judges - the best and the worst

Judging the judges. Justinian’s latest no-holds barred judges’ survey is now underway. Nominate the best and the worst on the bench (along with some decent reasons) by June 29. The results will be published in the first week of July ... more

Judges    April 19, 2007  
It's a Dizzy world

Judges’ associate Ginger Snatch hangs out in the Blue Mountains with a whole pile of Dizzo judges … NSW Court of Appeal lashes poor wretches lower down the stare decisis food chain for poor quality reasoning … In Queensland a costs assessor fails to “inspire confidence” ... more

Judges    March 28, 2007  
Sully's swansong

Justice Brian Sully has just departed from the NSW Supreme Court with a mighty spray. Law reformers (“unstable obsessives”), bureaucrats (“all pervading cynics”) and the rotten media (“vicious-mendacious”) copped a frightful shellacking. Ginger Snatch was there to record the full froth ... more

Judges    March 21, 2007  

How to get sworn-in: There should be an elephant named after Judge Zahra … Hormones Harrison experienced judicial Tourette’s syndrome and a “hello’oo” from Spiggsy … Justice Fullerton instructed everyone, “hands on heads” ... more

Judges    February 26, 2007  
The speeding one-eyed trouser snake

Who could have doubted that sex was at the heart of all the confabulations to get the Mensch off his $77 speeding ticket? As the net tightened the porkee of 20 years standing has fessed-up. Who’s next to roll over? ... more

Judges    January 30, 2007  
Blond confusion

Let’s get up to speed with developments in the Mensch case. A close inspection of the statements by siren Angela Liati suggests that the latest alibi is a flaky as all the previous ingenious conjuring tricks ... more