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Judges Articles from 2006
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Judges    October 25, 2006  
Justinian in New York - part one

Supremo moderate Justice Stephen Breyer took on all comers at a public forum earlier this month in New York. Everyone, from angry gays to those who want the Supreme Court to be accountable for the Iraq war, was on hand to toss Molotov cocktails at Hizonner. The aplomb with which it was all handled was impressive. Justinian was there with his notebook ... more

Judges    October 3, 2006  
Two different worlds: successful criminal trials or successful appeals?

Justice Geoffrey Eames casts light on the high rate of criminal retrials ordered by the Victorian Court of Appeal and suggests ways to overcome the problem ... more

Judges    September 13, 2006  
Judicial appointments

Fabulous Phil Ruddock has been cranking out judicial appointments at a great rate. He’s keen to shore-up the employment law credentials of the federal courts. Worthy as the appointments are, the method of selection is anachronistic and desperately in need of change ... more

Judges    August 11, 2006  
The Mensch

Marcus Einfeld is handling his present troubles with the same panache he has handled all the annoying and inconsequential accusations thrown at him over the years. If he has a tiny tendency to being a bit pleased with himself, you’ve got to remember he is a national living treasure ... more

Judges    January 25, 2006  
The David Malcolm story

The Chief Justice of Western Australia has been the subject of coverage in The Australian that has been so bombastic as to make one reach for the vomit bag. Reptilian tub thumping at its most tiresome ... more