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Judges Articles from 2005
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Judges    September 22, 2005  
Meet Mr Justice Crennan

The new High Court person has loads and loads of “merit”. This is the “best person for the job” who “stood out in a very talented field”. Fabulous Phil spins hard to downplay the “woman” factor. Why? ... more

Judges    July 6, 2005  
It was all a Masonic plot

Lady Di Fingleton has been offered a settlement by Premier Peter Bjelke-Beattie. Here we have a big, beefy feature on the fallout from The Queen v Fingleton, plus all the interesting ancillary actions – Daphnis de Jersey v Michael McHuge, Jim Thomas v The High Court, Justice John Jerrard v Daphnis & Ors, etc, etc … more

Judges    May 2, 2005  
Justice Michael Kirby has emergency heart operation

News flash. Justice Michael Kirby has emergency heart by-pass surgery at Royal Prince Alfred. He’s ordered to take it quietly but is still working from his bed. Health anxiety enlivens vacancy speculation … more

Judges    April 1, 2005  
Much Ado About Nothing

The annual Australian Press Council address this year was delivered by your editor. It critiques some conventional wisdoms about judicial independence and endeavours to explore the vexed relationships between judges and journalists. The True State of the Judicature … more

Judges    March 31, 2005  
The short goodbye

David Levine, who used to run the very busy NSW Supreme Court defamation list, has retired from the bench. The leading lights of the defamation caper turned out to send him off … more

Judges    March 8, 2005  
Just checking, not complaining

Uproar about Sheehan columns in The Sydney Morning Herald. Justinian unearths Judicial Conference letter to Press Council. “We’re not really complaining – just checking whether we can complain.” Since then, of course, the hacks at the Murdoch stable have been even busier undermining “a vital public institution”. ... more

Judges    February 12, 2005  
Rally man roars into Darwin

The Northern Territory’s Martin government comes up with Brian Martin to replace Brian Martin CJ … while the Boring Bracks regime fumbles the CJ replacement in Yarratown … more