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Evan Whitton Articles from 2008
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Evan Whitton    December 18, 2008  
Whitton's World

‘Tis the he season for pardons … Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald overly staggered by Blagojevich … Dominick Dunne curiously incurious … All The Daily Ruperts better get on message about Rupert Max Stuart … Human Rights Watch ... more

Evan Whitton    November 26, 2008  
Whitton's World

From war torn Darwin … to the Tour d’Argent ... to the launch of the latest Gough bio … to The Big Sleep, Evan Whitton casts his searing gaze. He also offers some solid advice to Barack about the Afghan war and an apology to Mr K.R. Murdoch AC, KCSG ... more

Evan Whitton    November 4, 2008  
Oh, Rupie, you are a tease!

The ABC is giving itself over to “lectures” from the fuchsia-haired media mogul. Evan Whitton remembers a few of the indignities foisted upon the world by the rancid old meddler ... more

Evan Whitton    October 13, 2008  
The Witchfinder-General

We need a third verdict for people like Allan Kessing: guilty, but who cares … Having a cop run the Australian Crime Commission hasn’t helped … Bobby Zoellick and Dollar Pete Costello dancing together at the World Bank … Obama needs a margin of at least seven percent to win (because he’s black) ... more

Evan Whitton    September 17, 2008  
The abort extort report

Evan Whitton on: abortion law … morality questions for Bobby French, and … how Republicans steal elections ... more

Evan Whitton    August 27, 2008  
Stewart, Barwick & Ors

Law & Society. Evan Whitton ploughs through the Hon Don Stewart’s memoir and has some nice things to say about the former plod, barrister, judge and royal commissioner ... more

Evan Whitton    August 6, 2008  
The // universe

Lord Robbo on justice for Radovan … Organised crims love libel law, because originally they invented it … It’s time Bob French spoke up about the law against muttering … One more question for Robert Richter … Rugby quiz ... more

Evan Whitton    July 15, 2008  
Papal ratbaggery, and worse

Evan Whitton covers the Pope’s visit and cruelly brings up some Vatican crimes … From October civil judges in Britain will have to dress up at home … Rugby quizz … And how come Labor hack Eddie McTiernan’s limpet view on “beyond reasonable doubt” still stands? ... more

Evan Whitton    June 23, 2008  
The absurdity system

Sinking the slipper … The circularity of “reasonable doubt” ... And three procedural reforms guaranteed to improve public approbation for the law ... more

Evan Whitton    June 3, 2008  
The defence lawyer's challenge

Whitton-at-Large. Out and about at the MCA and a slo-mo cartoon on “significant reactions” to the O.J. Simpson case … Does it matter that judges sleep during trials? For the most part, probably not. They are supposed to be “headpieces filled with straw” ... Sydney Pollack’s Three Days of the Condor is among the foremost of his many monuments ... more

Evan Whitton    May 13, 2008  
Book review: Why Sir I. Berlin cuckolded Prof H. Hart

How come Bonaparte and Innocent 111 are rated lower than Blackstone, Madison and Marshall in the ranking of those who most influenced the law? ... Three New York coppers win the trifecta and get off shooting charges … We’re now more than six years into the Afghan loser ... more

Evan Whitton    April 22, 2008  
Joe McCarthy lives!

Where’s lawyer Joe Welch when you need him to put the vital question to the horrid Hillary Clinton? ... Prof Barton examines Judge Posner’s thesis on lawyers’ “self-interested cartel” ... A Bill of Rights sounds good, but … Burnside’s plan to stamp out public lying should include trial lawyers ... more

Evan Whitton    March 25, 2008  
Whitton at large

More CJ speculation … VicAppeals bucks the trend and finds against lawyers’ cartel … Judges should pay for retrials arising from misdirections … Jury in the dark in Towle case … BBC series Law and Order released after 30-year suppression … Curtin was right about the sinking of the Sydney ... more

Evan Whitton    February 26, 2008  
A fine spray

Evan Whitton unbundles his thoughts about ennui on the High Court; British “values”; our great and powerful friends; the notion of jury “prejudice”; the ink stained world of journalism; and the now extinct P.P. McGuinness ... more

Evan Whitton    January 29, 2008  
Whitton is back

Few are spared as our esteemed columnist returns with barbs, swipes and japes: Debbie Kilroy … Barker’s submission in the Einfeld case … Neville Chamberlain and John Howard … President Soeharto … Spigs for CJ on High … And the sorry history of price-fixing penalties ... more