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Hellfire Club Articles from 2009
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Hellfire Club    November 19, 2009  
The Archers

Ins and outs of Stephen Archer’s lifestyle … The income … The spending … There was always a Merc in the garage and excellent wine on the table … All helped along with a special tax rate of eight percent ... more

Hellfire Club    October 2, 2009  
Lander case - revisited

New president of the ACT Law Society rushes to justify failed attempt to discipline feisty letter-writing solicitor … Fresh fuel on the flames ... more

Hellfire Club    September 22, 2009  
Capital capers

ACT Law Soc tried to discipline a lawyer over robust letter to government department … Court of Appeal to the rescue … Lawyers now free to criticise bureaucracy … The flag of freedom is unfurled … Graham Hryce reports ... more

Hellfire Club    May 13, 2009  
Avery scales

Van Diemen’s appeal bench travels to strange places while trying to calculate how long to slot Hobart solly John Avery for snipping his clients ... more

Hellfire Club    February 10, 2009  
Conman's barrister takes a fall

Friendship with international con artist Peter Foster has cost Gold Coast brief Sean Cousins his wig ‘n’ gown … His professional misconduct was unconnected to any barristerial functions … Alex Mitchell explores ... more

Hellfire Club    January 19, 2009  
Nikolaidis - king of the stays

Bogus costs agreement buys Leon Nikolaidis a ticket to the big house … yet his trading ticket remains fully functional. He intended to cheat a client in one costs dispute, whereas in another it was the fault of an employee. Amazements galore ... more