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Hellfire Club Articles from 2008
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Hellfire Club    September 24, 2008  
Insightlessness at the bar

The Alex Howen case is a striking illustration of a mentally disordered barrister who ploughs on without adequate treatment, leaving a trail of professional misery. How many others can identify with Howen’s Disorder? ... more

Hellfire Club    July 24, 2008  
Underneath the Archers

The NSW bar wins a round in the six year struggle to get Stephen Archer struck off the roll. Court of Appeal overturns ADT orders for production of documents. Archer claims the bar knew about his tax and bankruptcy affairs, and did sweet FA ... more

Hellfire Club    April 9, 2008  
Bar shifts goal posts in Punch-up

What to make of the John Punch case? Barrister found guilty of professional misconduct by Administrative Decisions Tribunal because he brought alibi evidence he knew to be untruthful. “Belief” and “knowledge” are the key concepts that in the ADT’s reasons lose their independence ... more