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Hellfire Club Articles from 2007
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Hellfire Club    December 31, 2007  
Speedy exit

Young Melbourne barrister struck off the roll a year after signing it … failure to come clean over essay collaboration with fellow student ... more

Hellfire Club    October 22, 2007  
A slight case of "tendency"

The NSW Administrative Decisions Tribunal slots a Sydney barrister for negotiating a settlement that involved dropping a professional misconduct complaint against a slow paying solicitor ... more

Hellfire Club    July 13, 2007  
A war of words over plagiarism

A partially blind UNE law student loses her honours degree after being accused of plagiarism, even though there was no “wrongful intent”. It’s all a matter of footnotes ... more

Hellfire Club    July 9, 2007  
Barrister caught in tape

The NSW Bar n’ Grill is using taped conversations between two accused and barrister John Punch in disciplinary proceedings. It’s akin to bugging barristers chambers, says an angry Punch … The former head of the NSW Department of Juvenile Justice is struck off for dipping into the trust funds ... more