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Hellfire Club Articles from 2005
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Hellfire Club    May 24, 2005  
A dong for dinger Bell

Conspiracy theorist who made threatening remarks about courts and judges has his application for admission to the Promised Land turned aside by the Queensland Court of Appeal. His application for admission was not full and frank. Sir Terence O’Rort has the sorry tale ... more

Hellfire Club    March 17, 2005  
Nose-thumbing "attorney" gets suspended sentence

He’d practised in Melbourne for 13 years without being an “attorney”. Justice Bill “Silver Tray” Gillard found Sylvester Finbarr Nagle in “contumacious defiance of a court order” and then gave him a suspended sentence. Meanwhile, Buffalo Bruce reports from the Top End on a squabble between the local Law Society and the Legal Practitioner’s Complaints Committee. ... more