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Court in the Act Articles from 2007
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Court in the Act    November 28, 2007  
Justice Adams' "whim"

Swivel-eyed pundit Gerard Henderson says Justice Michael Adams’ finding of dishonesty against an ASIO officer was based on a “whim”. Could this be so? ... more

Court in the Act    October 21, 2007  
Wings fall off Commonwealth's slow docs case

It has taken more time than it took to fight the First World War and still the Commonwealth failed to produce the documents it was ordered to discover. Crispin J strikes out the defence in a long-running and hugely expensive RAAF dismissal case ... more

Court in the Act    September 7, 2007  
High Court stops the fun

The High Court knocked back Nicholas Whitlam’s special leave application to get the NRMA to pay for his defamation case against Channel 9. He’s settled with Nine – but was his case over an interview broadcast in 2001 all that strong? ... more

Court in the Act    August 30, 2007  
More Catch 22s than a Joseph Heller novel

“Iniquity drips off the pages.” The move to get the Court of Appeal’s findings in the Rolah McCabe case set aside grinds painfully on. So too does the inquiry into the Clayton Utz documents that allegedly revealed an “iniquity” by the tobacco boys in the conduct of the appeal. From the AG to the DPP and now the Crime Commission ... more

Court in the Act    August 10, 2007  
Batties' document merry-go-round

Appeals and stay applications return to court as the tobacco junkies fight every point to keep their gruesome secrets and “iniquities” from sparking a new round of damages claims. Ginger Snatch, judges’ associate, reports ... more

Court in the Act    May 23, 2007  
Whitlam takes directors' indemnity fight to High Court

Former NRMA president Nicholas Whitlam has settled his defamation action against Channel Nine. Why is he still pressing ahead with a further appeal in his struggle to get the NRMA to cough-up for his legal costs? Ginger Snatch reports ... more

Court in the Act    April 27, 2007  
BAT v Slater & Gordon

For those desperate to know the latest skirmishing in the ongoing saga of Batty v Slater & Gordon, here’s a quick update ... more

Court in the Act    March 20, 2007  
Political anthropologist

High Court land rights’ critic and Howard favourite shuffles anthropological positions and gets a pasting in Federal Court native title decision. Will he now be expelled from the old farts society? Miss Ginger Snatch reports ... more

Court in the Act    February 27, 2007  
Chris Dale accused of "moral bankruptcy"

The fur is flying in Justice Paul Brereton’s court as the cancer stick lawyers fling around cruel accusations about the ex-Clutz partner who leaked incriminating firm documents. The struggle to move the proceedings to Melbourne and to reopen the McCabe case hots-up ... more

Court in the Act    February 22, 2007  
Brereton disqualifies himself, but not entirely ...

Earning fees from the Batty tobacco company means Justice Paul Brereton won’t decide whether the Rolah McCabe case should be reopened because of an “iniquity” allegedly perpetrated by Clutz and the cancer stick boys. Maybe that will be the task for someone in Melbourne ... more