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Court in the Act Articles from 2006
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Court in the Act    December 22, 2006  
Revenge is a kind of wild justice

The identity of the person who leaked the devastating Clayton Utz documents is revealed. ... more

Court in the Act    December 13, 2006  
Fight to reopen Rolah McCabe case

It’s pumping in court 11D: Clayton Utz’s Brian Wilson said to have denied Rolah McCabe a fair hearing … Victorian Court of Appeal may have been misled in major tobacco case … Batty Boys desperate to conceal documents pointing to iniquitous conduct … Justice Brereton urged to excuse himself as he was previously briefed to uphold the sanctity of the “document retention policy” ... more

Court in the Act    December 7, 2006  
Brereton quietly fuming over disqualification application

Slater & Gordon hands over the name of its source for the sensitive Clayton Utz documents dealing with the Rolah McCabe case. However, that was overshadowed by S & G’s application that Justice Paul Brereton disqualify himself from hearing any more of the case since he took the BAT boys’ shilling in an earlier life ... more

Court in the Act    December 1, 2006  
More burning issues in BAT case

Who gave Slater & Gordon the dirt file on Clutz and the Batty Boys? Slater & Gordon ordered to name its sources and name everyone with whom it has shared the delicious information ... more

Court in the Act    November 28, 2006  
Where there's smoke ...

Tobacco companies searching for the leaker of the Clayton Utz’ documents, which supposedly reveal “iniquitous” conduct in the Rolah McCabe case. Slater & Gordon stopped from disseminating Clutz’ secrets, which already have been sent to the police and legal authorities in Victoria ... more

Court in the Act    November 21, 2006  
Rolah McCabe rolls on

The Age and the Financial Review want to publish more from the secret Clutz investigation into the conduct of its lawyers in big tobacco litigation. The cancer stick boys are fighting with every ounce of their emphysema breath to stop any more unpleasant stories. Ginger Snatch reports ... more

Court in the Act    August 4, 2006  
Something rotten in the state of WA

The ABC’s Australian Story ran a wonderful series about the latest instance of questionable criminal justice in Western Australia. Police, prosecution and appellate conduct in the wild west has a disturbingly rotten record. Ginger Snatch reports ... more

Court in the Act    June 9, 2006  
Errors of judgment

The Andrew Mallard case is a blight on the Western Australian “justice” system. After 12-years in jail the High Court ultimately saw what was going on: the coppers had set-up the accused. The WA appeal judges failed to see it. Five senior WA police officers have been stood down, including two assistant commissioners. The crime commission is investigating and so is Miss Ginger Snatch ... more

Court in the Act    May 2, 2006  
Bring in the B-class cabinets

There’s noting quite as wonderful as being leaked a letter about how the courts are supposed to keep under lock and key the nation’s priceless secrets ... more

Court in the Act    March 24, 2006  
Rimmer now a glimmer

Chief Federal Magistrate John Pascoe sends scissors and paste artiste off to be re-educated. The Jennifer Rimmer drama sparks changes at the lowest end of the federal stare decisis foodchain ... more

Court in the Act    March 23, 2006  
Ginger Snatch reports ...

Don’t worry too much about commencing worthless litigation in NSW – a reasonable prospect of success can be certified after the event … Western Australian judge expresses “regret” about the delay of a judgment that took her two years to deliver – illness to blame … Clutz partner sinks in titanic battle against the builder of his back-yard swimming pool ... more

Court in the Act    March 10, 2006  
Flattery aside ...

A federal magistrate in Brisbane copies slabs of reasons from a judgment written by a colleague in Melbourne. Is it synchronicity or plagiarism? The federal magistrates have been overworked and are tired, sick, bothered & bewildered. Miss Ginger Snatch investigates ... more

Court in the Act    March 2, 2006  
Court of Appeal laps it up

Judges getting to grips with saucy dames. The US Supreme Court may have had a deflating effect on Anna Nicole Smith’s allure, however in London the Court of Appeal was utterly skittish over one of the lasses from the Spearmint Rhino club in Tottenham Court Road. Ginger Snatch reports ... more