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Court in the Act Articles from 2004
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Court in the Act    October 26, 2004  
Court of Appeal's costs orders against lawyers go pear shaped

NSW Court of Appeal’s costs orders against legal team in “futile” copper case look ridiculous now that it emerges the Police Association had fully indemnified the appellant … more

Court in the Act    September 15, 2004  
High Court Hoedown

Warfare on the High Court. McHuge and Kirbs JJ go hammer and tongs on argument about “indefinite detention” for aliens. Boys. Boys. That’s quite enough … more

Court in the Act    September 8, 2004  
Cancer stick privilege finds favour with British appeal judges

With the greatest respect, the English Court of Appeal says its counterpart in NSW was not thinking straight. A number of cancer stick manufacturer BATCo’s deeply embarrassing documents should be privileged. ... more

Court in the Act    August 18, 2004  
Sweeney company in dot com dot au brawl

Charles Sweeney’s dot com dust-up in the Federal Court … Jeff Spender clipped on the ear by Full Court over excessive delay in Danny Hill case. Ginger Snatch reports … more

Court in the Act    July 26, 2004  
Champertous solicitors find a bit of favour with Court of Appeal

Latest round in the fees’ wrestle involving the massive Freehills’ litigation. Court of Appeal drives a coach and four through small law shop’s fee agreement with client and finds the trial hadn’t miscarried because of the judge’s relationship with the chairman of Freehills. More chaotic reporting from Miss Ginger Snatch … more

Court in the Act    July 15, 2004  
High Court says judicial pay needs "continued attention"

Forget the unpleasant perception of the way the NT Chief Magistrate was appointed by Shane Stone “QC”, the wonderful thing, says the High Court, is that he was eligible for an early review of his pay and perks. The Bradley case gives rise to more constipation. ... more

Court in the Act    June 16, 2004  
Unisys Australia Ltd v RACV Insurance Pty Ltd - Judges' misplaced call for indemnity costs application

Appeal judges get over-excited in urging application for indemnity costs in RACV Insurance litigation … Peter Richards’ defamation case settled just as things were warming up. Barry Lane reports from Melbourne … more

Court in the Act    June 2, 2004  
BIAS BEAT - Not his brother's keeperů

Bias beat. Justice Peter McClellan should have disqualified himself from litigation over fees because his brother is a partner of Freehills, which caused all the trouble in the first place, or so runs the argument of champertous law firm… Taswegian Law Society applies for judge to disqualify himself on grounds of “actual bias” against the hapless professional body… And, Brisbane rhino still snortling as fight over carve-up of solicitors’ super fund gathers pace … more

Court in the Act    May 24, 2004  
Ok Tedi: litigation drowned in tailings

Slater & Gordon’s Ok Tedi saga … The class action that was swept away in the tailings … more

Court in the Act    April 15, 2004  
Judges On The Rack

Judges on the Rack: John Dowd smacked for being slow and wrong … Daphnis de Jersey CJ mucks-up murder trials … Pat O’Shane’s defamation evidence not correct … more

Court in the Act    March 11, 2004  
Distressing Accusations in Tassie and Victoria

Litigants challenging the jurisdiction of the court or seeking the removal of judges in Yarraside and Van Diemen’s Land. Judges resist the temptation. Ms Ginger Snatch (judges’ associate) reports
March 11, 2004 … more

Court in the Act    February 4, 2004  
High Court gives green light to kiddie fiddling lawyers

High Court off to a flying start in 2004, finding that a solicitor’s indecent assault of two underage girls does not amount to professional misconduct. Such awfulness is too remote from professional practice … more

Court in the Act    January 31, 2004  
A lawyers' construct entirely without merit

Costs in Melbourne’s version of Flower & Hart case due to be heard on March 25. “Unmeritorious” litigation could prove expensive, for lawyers … The High Court’s thinking on the challenging issue of gay refugees was bound to isolate the men from the chaps … more