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On the Couch Articles from 2008
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On the Couch    November 26, 2008  
Angela Liati

Meet Angela Liati, “solitary crusader”. The cat loving, Boston Legal watcher has some strong views about what needs to be changed about Australia and the legal system ... more

On the Couch    November 24, 2008  
Feed Test

Feed Test … more

On the Couch    October 15, 2008  
Colleen Egan

Who better to have On the Couch than the reporter who made all the difference for Andrew Mallard. Colleen Egan is an advocacy journalist in the finest sense. For us she bares nearly all ... more

On the Couch    February 29, 2008  
Burke's frontyard

Tony Burke is the president of the Law Institute of Victoria. Sleek on the outside and underneath, he’s keen to share some information about his calves ... more

On the Couch    February 12, 2008  
Justice Jane Mathews

The first woman judge of the NSW Supreme Court is on the couch ... more

On the Couch    January 26, 2008  
Crossword Test

Nunc libero est, sagittis et rutrum vitae, dignissim quis lectus. Praesent lobortis dignissim risus, et porta felis euismod ut. In rutrum tempor ornare. Suspendisse potenti. Suspendisse fringilla tortor posuere urna rutrum vulputate. ... more

On the Couch    January 23, 2008  
Anna Katzmann

Ms Katzmann’s driving ambition is to be on the bench of the rugby league judiciary. Instead, she’s ended up with second prize – President of the New South Wales Bar Association ... more

On the Couch    January 22, 2008  
Hugh Macken

Hugh Ignatius Macken celebrates his arrival as the president of the Law Society of New South Wales by going couchant avec Justinian. We discover he’s a huntin’ n’ fishin’ sort of guy ... more