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On the Couch Articles from 2007
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On the Couch    September 19, 2007  
James Hathaway

Professor James Hathaway is the newly appointed dean of law at Melbourne University. Our ruthless questions reveal that he’s an obsessive neatnick who fancies himself as a banana ... more

On the Couch    September 7, 2007  
Chester Porter

After a “walking-on-water” sort of career Chester Porter QC retired from the NSW bar in 2000. He’d been advocating for 52 years. Since then he’s written two books; an autobiography, and an exploration of the criminal justice system and how the law can get it wrong. Now he’s On the Couch, where he reveals he prefers the Dali Lama to Peter Costello ... more

On the Couch    August 28, 2007  
Roddy Meagher

He’s not too old to heave himself onto Justinian’s couch from where he issues his thoughts on Julia Gillard, Michael Kirby and the Queen’s religion ... more

On the Couch    August 21, 2007  
Geoffrey Eames

Geoffrey Eames has just retired as a judge of the Victorian Court of Appeal. He’s long been in Justinian’s hall of fame, which is a happy fit because he too likes to get his daily instructions from Janet Albrechtsen. He’s On the Couch with some firm views about AC/DC, galahs and reconciliation ... more

On the Couch    August 16, 2007  
Elenore Eriksson

Don’t shoot the messenger. Elenore Eriksson has spent much of her life as a Canberra insider working on myriad messages. She has strategised with pollies on the “Hill” and run government relations for the finance industry. These days she is the media’s first point of call for the Law Council of Australia – the buffer between the nation’s lawyers and the rest of the world ... more

On the Couch    August 5, 2007  
Ross Duncan

Meet Ross Duncan … The Chaser’s lawyer, Vegemite addict and a hot new novelist … more

On the Couch    July 27, 2007  
Michael Kirby

Justice Michael Kirby is savaged like no other High Court judge. Yet on he glides, pouring out his well-written, well-reasoned judgments at about twice the output of his colleagues on High. He’s the only member of that otherwise stitched-up ultimate appellate tribunal who dares share with us his fantasies, foibles and fears ... more

On the Couch    July 20, 2007  
Mirella Scaramella

Mirella Scaramella is in Justinian’s Hall of Heroes. She stood by her man, Sam Fazarri, who along with two friends went to jail for the murder of Phillip Walsham. Scaramella deviled away and helped prepare the evidence that earlier this month saw the convictions quashed by the WA Court of Appeal. It is another case in an impressive series of over-zealous WA criminal prosecutions ... more

On the Couch    July 13, 2007  
George Newhouse

Would you vote for this man? He’s hoping to knock Malcolm Turnbull off at the next federal election. The way the swing is going it’s not impossible that Wentworth could go Labor. He’s got clean undies and he’s against greed. Sounds like a winner ... more

On the Couch    July 6, 2007  
Gillian Triggs

Professor Gillian Triggs is soon to pack-up her London life so that she can take up her new job as dean of law at the University of Sydney. Originally from Melbourne, this noted international lawyer is attracted to Sydney by its vibrant poker-machine and pubs culture. We’ve got her on the couch, where she reveals her fantasies, her favourite stimulant and her fears ... more

On the Couch    February 23, 2007  
Marie Christos

Who was at the heart of unravelling the Marcus Einfeld case? Marie Christos was, and we’ve got her all to ourselves on the couch ... more