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On the Couch Articles from 2006
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On the Couch    June 5, 2006  
Ronald Sackville

Feed the man matzo dumpling soup (as long as the dumplings are firm and soft at the same time) and you’ll discover that Justice Ronald Sackville is really patient and gentle. The head of the Judicial Conference of Australia is lying On The Couch right now ... more

On the Couch    May 29, 2006  
David Weisbrot

Just after putting the finishing touches to the sedition discussion paper David Weisbrot passed out on Justinian’s couch. A man whose underwear is alert but not alarmed and who finds it difficult to describe his most glamorous feature is ideally suited to run the nation’s premier law reform agency ... more

On the Couch    May 22, 2006  
Clive Evatt

Sydney defamation barrister and scourge of the media Clive Evatt takes to the couch and tells us what drives his relentless endeavours … it’s all to do with those sainted relatives ... more

On the Couch    May 12, 2006  
David Levine

Retired NSW defamation list judge David Levine climbs onto the couch, shuts his eyes and free-associates about bibliomania, gefilte fish and Debbie Does Dallas ... more