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Critics' Corner Articles from 2009
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Critics' Corner    September 30, 2009  
Lambs to the Slaughter

Stephen Estcourt reviews Debi Marshall’s latest book Lambs to the Slaughter, about the sadistic paedophile murderer Derek Percy … The details are almost too obscene to publish – but too important to ignore ... more

Critics' Corner    July 8, 2009  
The Wolf

Former big wheel in the Canberra legal scene Peter Hohnen and feature writer Richard Guilliatt have produced a cracker of a book about the exploits of a German raider during WW1 … But there’s more to this than a boy’s own adventure … Graham Hryce reviews The Wolf ... more

Critics' Corner    June 15, 2009  
The privilege is all ours ...

What got the privileged Julian Burnside hooked on the underprivileged? He explains in his essay On Privilege, reviewed here by The Worm ... more

Critics' Corner    June 11, 2009  
On Doubt

It’s Just One of Those Things … As Abelard said to Heloise, ‘don’t forget to drop a line to me please’ ... Uncertainty has it’s virtues … Or does it? ... Stephen Estcourt QC* reviews Leigh Sales’ essay On Doubt ... more

Critics' Corner    March 24, 2009  
Stephen Estcourt reviews Chloe Hooper

Death in custody … Tall Man, which tracks the Palm island death of Mulrunji Doomadgee, and A Child’s Book of True Crime come under bookworm Stephen Estcourt’s critical inspection … A crime genre that goes beyond the crime ... more

Critics' Corner    March 4, 2009  
Torture Team

Stephen Keim reviews London barrister Philippe Sands’ book Torture Team: Deception, Cruelty and the Compromise of Law ... How lawyers can easily swap sides and work to subvert the rule of law ... more

Critics' Corner    February 16, 2009  
Supreme Courtship

Stephen Estcourt QC reviews Christopher Buckley’s latest satire Supreme Courtship ... A romp through US presidential politics … the Supreme Court nominating process … Senatorial obstruction and ambition … “reality” TV judicial sexual activity … and other appalling thoughts ... more

Critics' Corner    January 23, 2009  
Hitler TV

The US military has had such damnable difficulty conducting “war crime” trials. They could have learned from the world’s first experience of charging and prosecuting war criminals – the Nuremberg trials 63-years ago. Our TV critic I. Box reviews a brilliant BBC series on the trials of the Hitler Gang, now playing on SBS ... more