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Critics' Corner Articles from 2005
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Critics' Corner    September 16, 2005  
The Tyrannicide Brief

He may be the plummiest lad to have emerged from Epping Boys High but Lord Robbo has produced a terrific book that puts the seventeenth century barrister John Cooke at the centre of so much of what we love today ... more

Critics' Corner    July 6, 2005  
The Big Lie

Thursday night (July 7) is the night to stay home and watch SBS’s documentary on the McCabe case. See Peter Gordon in a tracksuit. See Jack Rush QC being feisty. See Tom Hughes QC in slow motion. And there’s Fred Gulson confirming what we all suspected about retaining documents. The evil tobacco boys cop a pasting and so does the “justice system” ... more

Critics' Corner    March 23, 2005  
"I was asked to smile so I did," said Lynndie England

Big Storm: The Lynndie England Story
A one-hour Cutting Edge documentary to be screened on SBS, Tuesday April 5, 8.30pm
Directed by Twan Huys (In English)
Reviewed by I. Box ... more

Critics' Corner    January 26, 2005  
The Staircase

The Staircase is an eight-part documentary that goes behind the scenes at a murder trial in the US. Gripping television on SBS, reviewed by I. Box. ... more