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Critics' Corner Articles from 2003
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Critics' Corner    June 4, 2003  
"Rough Justice: Tales from the Bar" A four (three) part documentary series for ABC TV

Rough Justice – Tales from the Bar. Stay in next Tuesday night and watch Howard Insall SC having dinner with the wife and little Insalls. It’s a real treat on Your ABC … more

Critics' Corner    March 11, 2003  
The Dock Brief

“Poor Player” reviews John Mortimer’s The Dock Brief at The Ensemble. The meagre world of the briefless barrister … more

Critics' Corner    February 21, 2003  
The Missing Masterpiece

Worm reviews Justice Ian Callinan’s third novel, The Missing Masterpiece. Disturbingly, one can glimpse the Tub’s complex soul peeking through the pages of this spellbinder … more