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City Desk Articles from 2010
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City Desk    September 14, 2010  
Visit the New Justinian

Justinian has emerged from the chrysalis, not as a butterfly, but as an annoying wasp … Seize the moment … Click for the details ... more

City Desk    August 11, 2010  
Pass the parmesan

Soapy George Brandis comes to town … Tickling the Sydney Bar ‘n’ Grill for campaign money … Others might want to actually press policy ideas at closed circle Beppi’s din-dins ... more

City Desk    August 2, 2010  
Bully beef

Not all mental breakdowns are equal … Some are more “reasonable” than others … Victoria leads the nation in workplace bullying claims … New amendments come as a great relief to captains of industry … Luke Williams reports ... more

City Desk    July 28, 2010  
How goes the auction?

Elections are less than eight months away for long-suffering NSW voters … Are the Liberals sticking to the promise not to engage in a law and order auction? ... The new agenda is rehabilitation, with punitive add-ons … The political straddle is alive and well … Samantha Bowers reports ... more

City Desk    July 19, 2010  
Estcourt on Web 2

Stephen Estcourt QC, foodie, blogger and social media fiend, reveals how Web 2 has expanded his life and work … #willingnesstohelp ... more

City Desk    July 12, 2010  
Raw prawns and tabloid beat-ups

Effectiveness of incarceration … The Crime and Justice Reform Committee has been setting out the facts on rates of imprisonment … An interesting study in contrasts … Fairfax and Murdoch reptiles absorb different messages over Danny Gilbert’s delicious treats ... more

City Desk    July 5, 2010  
Unlocking the archive

Miles of shelf space liberated … Bold scheme to digitise first hundred volumes of the CLR … Open access for the uplift of humanity … Sponsors sought ... more

City Desk    June 22, 2010  
Up the workers

Judge Keating’s list of new workers comp arbitrators refined by AG … Well known hands get the gigs … Parliamentary flourishes out the window … Updated ... more

City Desk    June 17, 2010  
Oz v Overland

Mullettgate … Fontainebleaugate … The Australian’s case against Victoria’s chief copper Simon Overland … But there is a hole in the key allegation … A few more facts would help … In the meantime enjoy the relentless tub thumping ... more

City Desk    May 27, 2010  
Freedom fighters to the barricades

A legal profession regulated by layers not lawyers … Independence in tatters … Judges and trade union reps rise-up against proposed national reforms … The English legal system remains strangely unthreatened by non-lawyer regulators … Samantha Bowers reports ... more

City Desk    May 21, 2010  
A jihad on adversarialism

Portia attended the big chinwag in Melbourne on mediation and non-adversarial justice … She was singularly unimpressed … It put her in mind of a Billy Graham evangelical meeting … What’s happened to the old love for the godless adversarial joust? ... more

City Desk    May 13, 2010  
Would the real CSR please stand-up?

CSR’s brush with Corporate Social Responsibility … Submissions about “commercial morality” frequently are a recipe for disaster … Professor Michael Adams* examines how and why CSR Ltd differs from James Hardie ... more

City Desk    May 13, 2010  
Bankers: the smaller the deal, the bigger the fee

The Opposition is complaining about too much spending … However, it’s not so bad if the government over-spends on Liberal Party pals … Never has a satisfactory answer been given as to why Credit Suisse’s OzCar fee got bigger as the scheme got smaller … Another infamous email from party mole Godwin Grech … Samantha Bowers investigates ... more

City Desk    April 20, 2010  
The map of Tasmania

New silks for Van Diemen’s land … Champers all around … Madge towelled by Chief Justice … How to scare kiddies into being nice to the wildlife ... more

City Desk    April 16, 2010  
Silvio's law

How the law can be corrupted by a corrupt emperor … Silvio Berlusconi’s extraordinary struggle with the Italian justice system … Our Roman affairs correspondent reports ... more

City Desk    April 15, 2010  
Something for nothing

Stand-off between authors and publisher of the famed Law Handbook ... Global behemoth Thomson Reuters published 11th edition of consumer guide without the authors’ approval … Who has eaten the royalties? ... Tom Westbrook reports ... more

City Desk    March 25, 2010  
The manner in which they come

Admitting foreign lawyers to the rich seam of Australian legal work … Indians, Pakistanis, etc still required to go the extra yards before they can hang out their shingle … Uniform rules now moderated by special discretions for the eminent … Secret memo from Justice Slattery … Tom Westbrook reports ... more

City Desk    March 23, 2010  

New Zealand jury acquits three who damaged spy base in anti-war protest … Claim of right upheld … Anarchy looms … Alex Mitchell reports from Aotearoa

Add to Cart ... more

City Desk    March 16, 2010  
Juris Doctor, I presume?

The march of the Juris Doctor … Law schools find a cash cow with rebadged postgraduate qualification … What sort of people are becoming lawyers? ... Tom Westbrook investigates ... more

City Desk    February 17, 2010  

Cross-cultural hobnobbing … Last day of the big American Bar conference in Sydney … Aspersions cast freely … No shortage of sponsored refreshments … Yarran Hominh reports ... more

City Desk    February 9, 2010  

You didn’t need an ICAC inquiry to discover that the McGurk tape story was largely a pile of old cobblers … Here’s Justinian’s take on the tale from September last year … A cast of moth-eaten lags filled the blatts with desperado boasts of daring-do … All a delicious escape that signified nothing, at least not yet ... more