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City Desk Articles from 2009
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City Desk    December 14, 2009  
Love letters from Godwin

The email traffic between Godwin Grech and Liberal Party apparatchik and former Freehills’ partner John O’Sullivan makes for disturbing reading … The world of conservative manipulation … No wonder Godwin is not feeling well ... more

City Desk    October 22, 2009  
Cutting the mustard OS

No longer girt by sea … Jonathan Gadir takes a look at some of the tallest Australian poppies plying their trade in global legal fields ... more

City Desk    August 7, 2009  
Supreme Court preened for action

October 1 sees a significant constitutional event as the House of Lords closes down its appeal function and the new Supreme Court opens for biz … Alex Mitchell in London inspects the fit out ... more

City Desk    August 6, 2009  
The world of WikiLeaks

Journalism by-passed as WikiLeaks lifts the lid … Its leaks played a big part in outing Turks and Caicos corruption scandal … Court forced to lift injunction in British outpost … Stephen Keim has the story ... more

City Desk    July 20, 2009  
Wig & Pen

Clarence Darrow and the vanishing art of advocacy … Doctors convinced David Kelly was murdered … Alex Mitchell files from what’s left of Fleet Street ... more

City Desk    June 30, 2009  
More vroom-vroom

Those culture vultures are at it again in New South Wales. Polluting, noisy and crass car rally given its head as Rees government suspends environmental and safety protections throughout northern shires. Bruce Donald reports ... more

City Desk    June 25, 2009  
Godless Wrech

Turnbull – professional bully, leaker and steamroller – seems to have got himself into a frightful pickle … Naturally, we are overcome with grief … The Godless Wrech affair … Scramble to cover-up … The last shoe to fall ... more

City Desk    June 17, 2009  
Love letter to a cat

Love in the seventies … A young Malcolm Turnbull warns his ex-girlfriend’s cat about the treachery of new boyfriends … Cat asked to intercede in broken romance drama … A Justinian exclusive ... more

City Desk    June 3, 2009  
Fiji - more nasties

Threats and menaces … A crippled Fiji Law Society attempts to fight off strangulation by the Suva junta and its cronies … New practising certificate options put to members ... more

City Desk    May 25, 2009  
Fiji's bogus judiciary

Tony Gates is back as Chief Justice of Fiji … London silk advises Fiji lawyers not to accept judicial appointments from unconstitutional regime … Sacked Australian judge defends the patch ... more

City Desk    May 23, 2009  
Fiji Law Society closed down

Military stooge to issue lawyer practising certificates in Fiji. Complaint files seized from the Fiji Law Society as junta takes over all lawyer regulatory functions ... more

City Desk    May 18, 2009  
Selby is as mad as hell

Hugh Selby wants an apology. The ANU academic whose submission to Chief Justice Spigelman sparked the judicial inquiry into the murder conviction of Phuong Ngo, says he’s been smeared in the Patten report and by the media … and he’s not going to take it anymore ... more

City Desk    May 11, 2009  
Ex-judge sups with a long spoon at reptiles knees-up

Former NSW defamation list judge David Levine made a glamorous appearance at the recent Free Press dinner in Sydney. We get his impressions about J.Lo Oakes … the state of media freedoms … judges, reptiles & pollies … and the strange sample bag of skin care products ... more

City Desk    May 1, 2009  
Fire ... Fire

Expensive blame game Royal Commission into Victorian bushfires will keep truck loads of lawyers fully employed for the next year or so ... more

City Desk    April 15, 2009  
Fiji - deep in the shadows

Already Fiji military types are being appointed to judicial positions … The DPP refuses to renew his oath of office … Courts to close for 30 days … Will Australians resist fresh judicial appointments? ... Was Bret Walker’s phone tapped in Suva? ... Boy, what a firestorm those Australian judges ignited ... more

City Desk    April 8, 2009  
Don't bully the fat prospectus

Henry Davis York partner James Lonie reaches for the crux of the problem. ASIC’s determination to help us make informed market decisions is fundamentally flawed. The slimmed down, easy-to-read prospectus won’t help either. Informed decision makers still lose money ... more

City Desk    March 25, 2009  
News Ltd, the V8 Act and the exclusion of rights

Vroom, vroom … It’s all very well John Hartigan banging on about the right to know and the public interest … When it comes to the V8 motor racing at Sydney’s Olympic Park News Ltd lobbied to have the public interest run over by a speeding car … Petrol heads are king … Bruce Donald puts us in the picture ... more

City Desk    January 28, 2009  
Justinian abroad

Justinian voyages to his overseas bureaux and discovers the Brits are in an absolute state about libel tourism … Big law shops are asking partners to stump up more loot while the troops are being decimated … Over the channel, Sarko and Dati change the face of French “justice” ... And pump hundreds of millions of Euros into the press ... more