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City Desk Articles from 2008
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City Desk    December 15, 2008  
The porridge business

The NSW government wants to privatise two large prisons. Making money out of jail birds is not new, but modern management methods of global operators have elevated the “corrections” business to an eerie new dimension. Private companies have the “solutions”. Jonathan Gadir reports ... more

City Desk    October 24, 2008  
Scenes from a dinner

How times have changed. These days the annual dinner turned on by the Law Society of NSW comes replete with dancing girls, busty wenches and violinists with pink instruments. Another Justinian TV production ... more

City Desk    October 10, 2008  
Be nice to the brutes

Ms Derivative, our market analyst, was dismayed at the precious way The Australian and Crikey carried on over MacBank. Amid all the sound and fury what was the story all about? ... more

City Desk    October 9, 2008  
Australian Charter of Rights (no wrongs)

Justinian’s TV production unit got a camera into the big confab at Melbourne Law School on protecting rights in Australia. Some of the key players parried our probing questions. It seems the swivel-eyed critics of a Bill or Charter are complaining about a model that is not even on the agenda for Australia. It’s not the first time they’ve got things arse about ... more

City Desk    September 4, 2008  
Power lawyers

The NSW government’s plans to privatise the NSW electricity industry remain in a right old mess – according to Alex Mitchell, our man on the south side of Macquarie Street. How come the sale of the electricity retailers doesn’t require the approval of parliament? ... more

City Desk    August 25, 2008  
Jolly Roger Boland and the Della two-step

“Backwards with Fairness.” NSW’s top IR judge misses his minister. “I want Della back,” declares distressed judge. State roundsperson Alex Mitchell files this report ... more

City Desk    July 15, 2008  
Don't say cheese

Sunk in a sea of caveats, a bankrupt purchaser and loads of litigation, two Perth musicians have lost their property and their livelihood. Jonathan Gadir investigates ... more

City Desk    June 14, 2008  
Can General Patten rescue the House of Ngo?

How come David Patten, acting Supremo and former leader of the NSW Liberals, has been given the job of inquiring into the conviction of political assassin Phuong Ngo? Alex Mitchell ponders some of the judge’s recent decisions ... more

City Desk    June 5, 2008  
Land blights

The governing body of the NSW Aboriginal Land Council will hold a special sitting in Legislative Assembly on Tuesday (June 10) to mark the 25th anniversary of the promulgation of the Aboriginal Land Rights Act, but not everyone will be celebrating. Alex Mitchell explains why ... more

City Desk    May 28, 2008  
Body in the bath unplugged

The murder conviction of Henry Keogh 13 years ago has become a celebrated cause in South Australia. Despite findings of flawed forensic evidence, Keogh has been unable to get his case reopened. Arrayed against him are political intransigence and unmoved appeal judges. Jonathan Gadir follows the twists and turns of the Keogh case ... more

City Desk    May 6, 2008  
Legal Chameleons

Justinian TV takes you to the glittering Sydney opening night of Mark Tedeschi QC’s recent photographic exhibition, Legal Chameleons. Your editor says a few words about the NSW Senior Crown Prosecutor’s work as a shutterbug ... more

City Desk    April 22, 2008  
Noises from the rump

Nothing too bold from the Governance group at the 2020 Summit. Maybe an abundance of lawyers didn’t help. Gerard Henderson and cohorts turned up and there was more squabbling than big ideas. Still, it’s a nice change to have a government that welcomes ideas. Julian Burnside reports ... more

City Desk    April 17, 2008  
Frank and fearless

The NSW government’s recent mauling of the DPP Nicholas Cowdery was a warning shot to any public servant who sang out of tune. Now the dust has settled and an accommodation has been reached on the appointment of an outside director to the DPP’s office. Alex Mitchell reports ... more

City Desk    April 16, 2008  

Judicial selection nobbled in Tasmanian political payback … The Apple Isle awash in scandal as Attorney General flung from office for lies to parliament … Complicity of the Burst Saveloy … Toxic affairs in two Labor states – Tassie and NSW ... more

City Desk    April 10, 2008  
Protecting our own

The law admission authorities have agreed to strict new principles to apply to overseas lawyers wanting tickets to trade in Australia. There’s trouble over NSW’s “Jonathan Sumption” dispensation clause ... more

City Desk    March 13, 2008  
Tripod man needs a better Crippsing

The palsied NSW Opposition might land a few blows yet on Joe Tripodi and his shop soiled mates who get plum government jobs. ICAC whimped it, but the pong lingers. Alex Mitchell reports ... more

City Desk    March 6, 2008  
You'll get sick if you catch this wog

The Greeks had a word for it – “kakistocracy”, or government by the worst elements in society. Alex Mitchell reviews the career of one of NSW’s kakistocrats, Joseph Guerino Tripodi ... more

City Desk    January 25, 2008  
ALP lolly-shop

FOI details emerge on George Newhouse’s dodgy nomination for Wentworth. Anyway, what was he doing on the Consumer Trader and Tenancy Tribunal in the first place? ... more