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City Desk Articles from 2007
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City Desk    December 18, 2007  
Watching Brief

Watching Brief: Reflections on Human Rights, Law and Justice is Julian Burnside’s new book. It was launched in Melbourne on the weekend where the author thanked three people for bringing about his involvement in fighting for the rights of refugees: his wife Kate Durham, barrister John Manetta and an 11-year-old Iranian girl ... more

City Desk    December 10, 2007  
I agree with the man in charge

Following a series of radical reforms to their legal system the Japanese now face a crisis of confidence as they are asked to become jurors as part of an overhaul of the country’s creaking criminal justice regime ... more

City Desk    December 5, 2007  
Barricades breached

NSW Law Society fails in bid to keep the great unwashed from appearing for clients in the Administrative Decisions Tribunal. Where will the rot stop? ... more

City Desk    November 29, 2007  

“Balmain” Bob Debus to be the new Home Affairs minister while Robert McClelland is appointed Attorney General … Plus, it’s been a busy time for Victorian silk worms as 13 new gowns are spun ... more

City Desk    November 7, 2007  
Solicitors caught in Karl Suleman litigation tangle

Litigation spawned by collapse of shopping trolley fraudster Karl Suleman finds solicitors tripped in negligence suit. Justice Paul Brereton makes some fine distinctions ... more

City Desk    November 6, 2007  
Ruddock v Ludwig

Here’s Justinian’s entry into the challenging world of video streaming. After intensive tutoring from Pier Paolo Pasolini we took our camera to the “great debate” between (Fabulous) Phil Ruddock and the shadow AG Senator Joe Ludwig. Senator Joe commenced proceedings by flailing Phil’s shortcomings as a human being and a minister. For his part Phil outlined his plans for the “harmonisation” of our laws. Watch and be amazed at the majestic sweep of our camera work ... more

City Desk    October 9, 2007  
DFAT sacking "harsh, unjust and unreasonable"

After a nasty, four year witch-hunt driven by the DFAT and its minister over leaks, the diplomat Trent Smith will be reinstated in his job. Smith’s crime was that he was believed to be too close to Kevin Rudd. The departmental findings against Smith have been utterly discredited by the Industrial Relations Commission ... more

City Desk    September 24, 2007  
Justinian in London

John Mortimer QC – gourmand, rake and womaniser … The rise of privacy – the decline of libel … £200,000 cases have turned into £1 million cases as conditional fee agreements ravage civil litigation ... more

City Desk    August 21, 2007  
Will the Qantas board please explain

Geoff Dixon, the chief of the flying kangaroo, has announced he’ll hand in his pilot’s goggles in 2009 when his current contract expires. Maybe his board colleagues should consider following him ... more

City Desk    June 25, 2007  
McHugh's advice on Cowdery

Just when you thought there was little more to be milked from the DPP’s handling of the Patrick Power affair, out pops advice from former High Court judge Michael McHugh, giving the state government a pail of fresh full cream. Read the advice and Cowdery’s reaction in full ... more

City Desk    June 21, 2007  
An ode to Nick

Someone loves Nicholas Cowdery, even if the state government doesn’t. His budget has been cut and he will no longer be an adornment on the international conference circuit, but at least one staffer has come out to sing his praises. “The ODPP is a good place to work.” ... more

City Desk    May 15, 2007  
Where are they now?

Pelly, Dick, Priest, Rogers – legal reptiles shifting around the PR and media scene … John Goodyear’s upmarket hostelry chain in Van Diemen’s Land ... more