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City Desk Articles from 2006
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City Desk    December 13, 2006  
Dunlevy v Law Society of NSW

Justice Peter Young declares that Geoff Dunlevy can be president next year, unless the law society’s council confiscates his vice-presidency before then. There’s an ocean of bitterness to wade through ... more

City Desk    December 7, 2006  
The improper rissoling of Geoff Dunlevy

The NSW Law Society is in uproar over the removal of president-elect Geoff Dunlevy. He’s now off to court to challenge the putsch. So far the society has no explanation why Dunlevy is unsuitable to be president in 2007 ... more

City Desk    October 28, 2006  
Justinian in New York - part two

“Winning the war on terror” was one of the stand-out panel discussions at The New Yorker Festival earlier this month. To witness the event was a bit like watching nude mud-wrestling. It was both awful and thrilling ... more

City Desk    September 8, 2006  
Control Orders: Henderson v Burnside

Old cold-war warrior turned terrorist warrior Gerard Henderson once more got snitchy with Melbourne barrister Julian Burnside. He accused the civil rights man of throwing the switch to “hyperbole” over his criticism of the Jack Thomas control order. Burnside fires back ... more

City Desk    June 30, 2006  
Smelly Sydney

Packer consigliere John Alexander orders TV news story attacking Kerry Stokes and then demands reinstatement of the journalist he favoured to produce the attack on the Channel Seven chairman ... more

City Desk    June 30, 2006  
Nine wants Fairfax sources

The Age published in Victoria the Llewellyn affidavit suppressed on Channel Nine’s application in New South Wales. Now Nine wants to know how the Melbourne newspaper came to publish the juicy affidavit, who was responsible and who was the source. When will all the fun stop? ... more

City Desk    February 28, 2006  
Some priceless privileged moments

The joy of legal professional privilege. AWB’s in-house lawyer Jim Cooper, in giving evidence to the Cole Board, was required to make wafer-thin distinctions depending on how and where he formed his views about matters touching on the shady Tigris deal ... more

City Desk    January 31, 2006  
Plenty of holes in the death penalty rules

There’s a lot of official windiness about abhorrence of the death penalty. The reality is that the Australian government lets the AFP go right ahead and assist the process that will see Australians sent to the gallows overseas ... more