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City Desk Articles from 2005
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City Desk    October 19, 2005  
Lawyers and money

Bret Walker SC, one of the Sydney Bar n’ Grill’s finest, sees dangers in the growth of mega-firms and the inexorable slide of the legal profession into a business. The business services part of the law should leave the profession and join up with their spiritual affiliates – the bankers, accountants and financiers ... more

City Desk    September 21, 2005  
Press Council pings The Australian

The Australian Press Council upholds some of the complaints against The Australian made by NSW AG Uncle Bob Debus. Remember the campaign against the “pampered” judges of NSW and how they were behind with their work because they took such long holidays? Well it seems Rupert’s organ failed to check claims, lacked fairness and balance and misled readers. So what’s new pussycat? ... more

City Desk    September 9, 2005  
The law underwater

Forget the silly Allens’ emails, here’s one from Louisiana that gives a graphic account of the flooding. The legal system has been drowned in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, etc. The lives of lawyers and clients alike are underwater ... more

City Desk    August 30, 2005  
Dashing move by Law Soc chief to lock-up journalists

Three print journalists are looking for clean jimjams and toothbrushes as the president of the Law Society of NSW wants to haul them before the court and get their source for a juicy leak about the shenanigans over the reappointment of the CEO, Mark Richardson ... more

City Desk    August 17, 2005  
Legal Affairs v Legal Affairs

It promised to be a great newspaper battle as Murdoch’s Australian took on Fairfax’s Financial Review in a wrestle for law-related advertising. Despite Chris Merritt shifting camps, Fairfax has kept its paw on the lion’s share of the loot … more