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Bar Talk Articles from 2009
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Bar Talk    November 23, 2009  
Courtly attire

It can be stressful deciding what to wear in court … Particularly in Victoria where parliament says one thing and the Bar ‘n’ Grill says another … A voyage of culinary adventure with Justice Hormones Harrison ... more

Bar Talk    October 13, 2009  

Silk selection process to be “reviewed” in NSW … Barrister distributes open letter to members of the bar … Bar council asleep at the wheel … Current method of appointment deeply flawed and unacceptable ... more

Bar Talk    September 29, 2009  
Silk list plumps up

Finessing the gold standard … Three names have been added to an earlier list of NSW senior counsel for 2009 … Fortunately, no scratchings ... more

Bar Talk    September 29, 2009  
Preliminary silks

The fur is flying because a list of NSW silks emerged last night … Apparently, it is not the final list … We’ll know for sure this afternoon ... more

Bar Talk    September 3, 2009  
Challenge to cosy clerks' club

Berlinda Lyus, the feisty barristers’ clerk from Sydney, is banging on the door of the Victorian bar … She has met resistance … So too has Norman O’Bryan’s Barristers’ Logistics … Suddenly there are inner clerks and outer clerks … Update – exciting new manoeuvre by the bar ... more

Bar Talk    August 13, 2009  
Silk worms

Who are all these people who want silk? ... There’s 120 applicants for SC on the New South Wales bar’s 2009 list … Here they are ... more

Bar Talk    June 9, 2009  
The protocols of barristering

VicBar has been working out how to massage the message … In NSW barristers chew the fat on the imperfect silk selection system ... more

Bar Talk    April 28, 2009  
Riordan v The Known World

Evidence of Vic silk quota … John Riordan says it’s Supreme Court “engineering” ... Latest round in Riordan’s war … There’ll be no surrender ... more