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Bar Talk Articles from 2008
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Bar Talk    November 28, 2008  
School prefects

Why on earth not let Johnny Riordan have his silk jersey? No explanation, no natural justice for the old trooper. Now that he’s failed, again, he mounts a searing case for the elimination of the bar’s honours system ... more

Bar Talk    November 3, 2008  
The rank 'n' file are revolting

Grumbling in the ranks sees the emergence of a “reform” agenda for the NSW bar’s AGM later this month. The trouble is, the proposed motions, even if passed, will change nothing ... more

Bar Talk    October 24, 2008  
Reverse takeover at VicBar

At the heart of the sudden change of guard at the Victorian bar lies a struggle over real estate. Barristers Chambers Ltd is endeavouring to shore up its position while members flee to independent rooms ... more

Bar Talk    October 22, 2008  
Tattered silk

Justinian tabulates the new silks in NSW and marvels at the supremacy of the tick ... more

Bar Talk    August 21, 2008  
Hands up for silk

Here we go again. The 2008 list of applicants from New South Wales seeking to be silked. Plenty of the same old crew and a steady decline in the number of female contenders ... more

Bar Talk    June 18, 2008  
What was on Patrick Power's computer?

The misery and woe are not over yet for former NSW crown prosecutor Patrick Power. Repellent material emerges in striking-off reasons. The NSW Court of Appeal inferred that Power tampered with the evidence and perverted the course of justice ... more

Bar Talk    May 4, 2008  
Test Bullet
... more
Bar Talk    April 28, 2008  
Letter from a cheesed off barrister

NSW barristers are as mad as hell and arent going to take it anymore. Missives are pouring into the Bar n Grill over the $700,000 red hole in the accounts and the proposed rules on cross-examinations. Do we submit to bailing out the bar association through increased taxes whilst ignoring the knife in our backs? asks criminal barrister John Doris. Here’s his spray ... more

Bar Talk    April 25, 2008  
Those rotten bar rules

Experienced Sydney criminal defence barrister Gabriel Wendler scorns the proposed new bar rules that seek to make overbearing cross-examinations a matter of misconduct. In a submission to the Bar Association he puts forward an idea for a different rule ... more

Bar Talk    April 23, 2008  
Street of broken dreams

NSW Bar n’ Grill faces $750,000 loss … Dramatic rise in membership fees … Treasurer Justin Gleeson flabbergasted and resigns amid a flurry of accusations … Trauma on Phillip St. ... more

Bar Talk    April 2, 2008  
A manual for bar bullies

The new rules to curb bullying barristers are a masterpiece of chicanery. A flourish, signifying nothing much. Barristers will still be able to pull any stunt they want during cross examination, only now they have a list of official excuses. At least Hatz and Katz are in agreement ... more

Bar Talk    March 29, 2008  
More privilege squabbles in ongoing Stephen Archer case

There’s lots of life yet in the interminable hearings grappling with the NSW Bar’s application to remove a former multiple bankrupt from the roll ... more

Bar Talk    March 28, 2008  
Burbidge QC v Mrs Wolf - next round

Sydney silk wants indemnity costs from his former client over her failed application for the summary dismissal of his ultimately unsuccessful constructive trust case to prise out of her a lousy $35,000 in fees ... more

Bar Talk    January 7, 2008  
Advocates Immune Deficiency Syndrome

The advocates’ immunity has sprung some leaks. The holes must be plugged otherwise brave, but careless, litigators will be rooned ... more