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Bar Talk Articles from 2007
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Bar Talk    November 18, 2007  
Advocates immunity gets churned in the butter factory

The advocates’ immunity is supposed to achieve finality in the “quelling” of disputes. But quite possibly advocates are still liable for negligence when the dispute remains unquelled. One interesting case shows the possibility ... more

Bar Talk    November 1, 2007  
CJ sinks Vic silk selection reform

Reform of the Victorian silk appointments system scuttled for now. Special general meeting cancelled as the bar puts the word out that Marilyn Warren CJ would withdraw from the silk selection process ... more

Bar Talk    October 4, 2007  
Margaret Cunneen makes the silk cut

NSW Bar n’ Grill’s successful candidates for silk in 2007. Twenty-three made the cut or 19.3 percent of the total who applied. Two were women, an incredible 1.7 percent of the applicants. And Margaret Cunneen finally makes it, along with ... more

Bar Talk    September 12, 2007  
NSW silk applicants

The annual ritual is underway. Bright-eyed hopefuls have their hands up, along with a clutch of tired old paws waving apprehensively for attention. The number of female applicants for silk has dropped ... more

Bar Talk    June 22, 2007  
Heresy from a Queensland barrister

The bars want a say in judicial appointments because “we know best”. The trouble is that the bars’ own silk selection process is hardly a model of how to run a decent “consultation” process ... more

Bar Talk    June 1, 2007  
Sex, drugs and death

The legal profession is blessed that exemplars of virtue such as Peter Faris and Isaac Brott are on hand to lead everyone through the shadow of Peter Hayes’ death ... more

Bar Talk    May 29, 2007  

The NSW Bar n’ Grill is trying to get Rupert’s Smellograph done for contempt. In this case both sides seem to lack a certain moral authority ... more

Bar Talk    April 26, 2007  
Here and there

“Soapy” George Brandis loves the silken bauble Daphnis gave him … Hobart’s most unstoppable commentator sues for defo … Batty barristers’ fees bring on swoons of envy … DPP Cowdery reminds his troops about commenting on pending cases ... more

Bar Talk    March 20, 2007  
"We're not biased," says tribunal de spank

The Bar n’ Grill’s efforts to get tax malingerer Stephen Archer struck off the roll have been grinding on since 2003. Progress has been painfully slow as the Administrative Decisions Tribunal has had to examine itself twice for bias ... more

Bar Talk    February 12, 2007  
No appeal from the Food Court

Nagging away in Justinian’s eardrum is a bit of unfinished business left over from last year’s furious commentaries. Closure is needed on the Burnside negligence furphy and the associated lobbing to abolish Giannarelli ... more