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Bar Talk Articles from 2006
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Bar Talk    October 18, 2006  
The attorney general scares us

President Bush has just signed the Military Commissions Act into law. Apart from Alberto Gonzales, Philip Ruddock alone among western AGs condones the Cuban gulag and its trial procedures. Here NSW barristers Ian Barker and Robert Toner put Ruddock’s conduct regarding Guantanamo Bay and David Hicks into context ... more

Bar Talk    October 3, 2006  
Sydney silk for 2006

Fresh Sydney silk for 2006. Disappointment for many as 17 out of 128 are called. The Bar Association assures us that the appointments are “in the public interest [and] they will provide outstanding service as advocates and advisers, to the good of the administration of justice” ... more

Bar Talk    September 27, 2006  
Mr Smith goes to Macquarie Street

DPP Cowdery has given the NSW government the big finger over the Smith affair. Yet both Smith and Cowdery are far from blemish-free in this snafu ... more

Bar Talk    August 29, 2006  
Seekers of silk

The 2006 applicants for silk in NSW. One hundred and twenty eight seek the nylon gown, of which 63 percent are repeat offenders. Plenty of reading pleasure with the full list ... more