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Bar Talk Articles from 2005
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Bar Talk    October 6, 2005  
No carpet sweeping

What’s all the fuss about crown prosecutor Margaret Cunneen’s Ninian Stephen lecture? The complainants climbed onto their high horses, tethered conveniently near ... more

Bar Talk    October 6, 2005  
Margaret Cunneen's famous lecture

Living Within the Law was the title of NSW senior crown prosecutor Margaret Cunneen’s Sir Ninian Stephen lecture at Newcastle University. It created an enormous fuss and as a result she is now the subject of complaints to the stipes. The trouble is very few have read the lecture in full. Here it is (it warms up in the second half) ... more

Bar Talk    September 28, 2005  
Silk cut for 2005

A handful made it through the hoops with enough nods, winks and ticks to be anointed by the Sydney Bar n’ Grill. Another 118 will be disappointed and face the gruesome prospect of an “explanatory” session with Hormones Harrison. Oh, one of the 17 new silks is a woman. ... more

Bar Talk    September 21, 2005  
Desperately seeking silk

Here they are – the 135 from the Sydney Bar n’ Grill who’ve applied for the 2005 silk cut. Between 25 and 35 in all will be annointed by the inner sanctum and announced when all the yeses, noes and not yets have been secretly weighed ... more

Bar Talk    April 27, 2005  
Diary of a complaint

The NSW Bar n’ Grill’s botched complaint against Marcus “The Mensch” Einfeld. The human saint was saved in the nick of time ... more

Bar Talk    March 10, 2005  
The advocates' immunity should last forever and ever. Amen

Ryan D’Orta-Ekenaike v Victoria Legal Aid. Thank God some things remain sacred. The wonderfully dotty High Court, by a 6-1 majority, has clung to the “finality principle” as a way of breathing fresh life into advocates’ immunity from suit. It may have had an undignified death in New Zealand on Tuesday and in England four years ago, but we’re having none of that revisionism in the wide, brown land. Hallelujah! ... more