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Bar Talk Articles from 2004
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Bar Talk    November 11, 2004  
Lord Archer - still ducking and weaving

Retired barrister and tax recalcitrant Lord (Stephen) Archer is pulling out all stops to prevent further unpleasant action by the Bar ‘n Grill. This includes a case that the Administrative Decisions Tribunal displayed “iciness” towards him and is hopelessly biased against him. The tribunal found for itself. ... more

Bar Talk    October 26, 2004  
Court of Appeal's costs orders against lawyers go pear shaped

NSW Court of Appeal’s costs orders against legal team in “futile” copper case look ridiculous now that it emerges the Police Association had fully indemnified the appellant … more

Bar Talk    August 6, 2004  
Street of shattered dreams

Strife over Charles Sweeney’s Phillip Street chambers … Barrister before the stipes on “misleading submissions” claim. ... more