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Tippy Articles from 2010
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Tippy    July 5, 2010  
Creeps and cads

The inner-life of tipstaves … Souring of passions … Tippy seeks to comfort her wounded colleague with a strong dose of callousness … All the bowing and scraping takes a toll on the lass ... more

Tippy    May 25, 2010  
A Leagues of their own

Tippy delves into the soul of her colleagues and discovers a terrifying mix of ignorance, ambition and insecurity … It all blossoms during drinkies at the Leagues Club ... more

Tippy    April 23, 2010  
Notes from the inside

Circuitous and artful influences are drawing Tippy towards life as a (professional) lawyer after time at the court is up … Nothing too upbeat … It’s all deliciously underhand ... more

Tippy    April 7, 2010  
Of dirt and dishes

The artifice of the judicial tipstaff … Affirmations of brilliance keep the fantasy alive … But there is a dirty little secret … No wonder ‘staves get turned over each year ... more

Tippy    March 15, 2010  
Tea is for Tippy

Life of a tiffstaff … Bright, ambitious and, when it comes to the crucial things, hopeless … Introducing Tippy, our new blogger filing from within the concrete cage at Queens Square ... more