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Pious Cant Articles from 2010
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Pious Cant    July 2, 2010  
I feel the need, the need for speed

Pious Cant Esq in Tokyo reveals his ePersonality Disorder … Too much dopamine-squirting from internet and social media hyper-activity … Decreased empathy is the only way to survive in Big Law … Being detached and disconnected while simultaneously being plugged-in and connected ... more

Pious Cant    June 6, 2010  
Land of the rising bum

Pious Cant, trapped at Big Law in Tokyo, examines frottage brought on by the excitement of high-end economic activity … Making obscene amounts of money increases the libidinous quotient … The BBC is to blame ... more

Pious Cant    April 9, 2010  
It's better to self-prune than to blow away

Life at Big Law in Japan has parallels with the chimera of the cherry blossoms … All very delicate … Awkward questions take hold in the middle of the night … You’ve arrived on Sugar Mountain, so why the thoughts of kamikaze? ... more

Pious Cant    March 2, 2010  
Surface ripples

Adventures with Square, Esq … Introducing Pious Cant, blogging from his big law associate’s desk on a little island in Japan … He ventures into the presence of a partner whose mathematical rigidity is so severe that it brings on a bout of lap-dancing ... more