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Percy Lo-Kit Chan Articles from 2010
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Percy Lo-Kit Chan    July 22, 2010  
HK's politico judicial juggling act

Conflicts lawyers salivating … Hong Kong court told to butt out of case involving claims of sovereign immunity … US hedge fund wants it’s money back … Arbitral award over debts owed by state enterprises … Percy Lo-kit Chan files this report ... more

Percy Lo-Kit Chan    May 17, 2010  
HK bar strives to protect its turf

Later aristo sons went to the bar … Now Hong Kong authorities crack down on poorer grade graduates wanting to be barristers … Right of audience for solicitors expanded … English structure on its last legs … Percy summons ghosts of halcyon days ... more

Percy Lo-Kit Chan    May 11, 2010  
The Milky Way

A failed milk empire … When a Chinese mainland enterprise registered in The Caymans goes bust the Enterprise Bankruptcy Law is not much help to investors … Things looking better for creditors of Virgin Islands based Chinese businesses … Still, Honkers remains the pre-eminent financial centre in the region … Percy Lo-kit Chan reports ... more

Percy Lo-Kit Chan    March 17, 2010  
Judiciary under strain

Senior Chinese judge nabbed for corruption … Others in the pipeline … Shortage of suitable judges and resources sees the courts reeling under the weight of the PRC’s rapid economic expansion … Percy Lo-Kit Chan reports from Honkers ... more

Percy Lo-Kit Chan    February 3, 2010  
What Gall

Percy’s back with a shocking story of embezzlement in Honkers … Old judge looted by his errant son-in-law broker … You can’t choose your rellies ... more