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Stephen Keim Articles from 2010
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Stephen Keim    August 9, 2010  
The ceremony of innocence is drowned

Administration switches tack in long running habeas case … Law of war … Detention without trial continues to flourish … Government lawyers doing their worst … Stephen Keim and Katherine McGree report ... more

Stephen Keim    June 30, 2010  
Let me count the ways

Turning back to the dark side on asylum seekers … Ramping up the rhetoric … Gillard unwilling to articulate a just policy … “Turn back the boats” is the chant that echos down the generations … Stephen Keim and Eve Lester comment ... more

Stephen Keim    June 9, 2010  
The perils of protest

The aid flotilla attempting to breach the Israeli blockade is just the latest in the Gaza protest movement … Australian lawyers Ann Cunningham and Stephen Keim report on the Cairo protests earlier this year … US Embassy showed it has the muscle to halt violence by Egyptian security forces ... more

Stephen Keim    April 12, 2010  
The transit of Stevens

Gerald Ford thought he’d elevated a trusty conservative when he appointed John Paul Stevens to the US Supreme Court … 34 years later Stevens leaves the court as one of its more committed liberal judges … In particular, his attitude to the death penalty underwent significant revision … Stephen Keim reports

... more
Stephen Keim    April 6, 2010  
Corporates' election spending off the leash

Citizens United v Federal Election Commission could well make it onto the list of the worst judicial decisions ever made … Precedents turn slippery … The US Supremes open the tap on corporate election spending … Stephen Keim reports on how to get the best government money can buy ... more

Stephen Keim    March 30, 2010  
11th hour stay in DNA capital case

US Supreme Court to examine whether death row prisoners can apply for fresh analysis of biological evidence … Challenge to old jurisprudence … Stephen Keim reports ... more

Stephen Keim    March 2, 2010  
Behold, the seven paragraphs

Security agencies die in a ditch over seven redacted paragraphs in Binyam Mohamed case … What was all the fuss about? ... Dishonest evidence from MI5 … Stephen Keim reports ... more

Stephen Keim    February 5, 2010  
The constitutional right to have a lousy lawyer

Incredibly awful address to the jury by defence counsel in a capital case does not move the US Supreme Court to lift a protective finger … Let death prevail … Stephen Keim reports ... more