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Stephen Keim Articles from 2009
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Stephen Keim    December 16, 2009  
The vagaries of death row

US Supreme Court unanimously saves double murderer from the chair … The law has a soft spot for heroic, decorated, war vets … Deficient performance by defence counsel … Willie Nelson sings … Stephen Keim reports ... more

Stephen Keim    November 5, 2009  
Climate litigation hots up

Global warming can be a real nuisance … US appeal courts open the way for injunctions and damages against big CO2 emitters … Global warming is not only a political issue … The common law gets into the act … Stephen Keim reports ... more

Stephen Keim    September 4, 2009  
Prison reform gathers momentum - slowly

The crisis of overcrowding in the Californian prison system has seen a federal court order a reduction in the number of inmates … Australian prisons are heading in the same chaotic direction … Stephen Keim reports ... more