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Baby Barristers Articles from 2010
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Baby Barristers    June 21, 2010  
The pretenders

Fresh crop of penguins graduate from bar practice course in Sydney … Early training to defend the untenable … Drinkers, gossipers, opiners, whippersnappers and obsessives released into the community … Our blogger Fledgling reports ... more

Baby Barristers    March 26, 2010  
The $6 million magistrate

Junior Junior believes that his cases stand or fall depending who’s on the bench … It’s a difficult concept for clients to comprehend … If only the DNA of some of these beaks could be manipulated … A bit less grump … A bit more fairness ... more

Baby Barristers    March 18, 2010  
Like pulling teeth

It’s so unfair … Junior Junior runs up against the self-represented litigant … The party with the barrister is the one to suffer ... more