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Baby Barristers Articles from 2009
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Baby Barristers    December 24, 2009  
Perpetual fear

Paradox of the bar … Even when the work is streaming in there is an ever-present fear that the briefs will dry-up … Fretting while you flourish ... more

Baby Barristers    September 22, 2009  
A question of faith

Junior Junior discovers that you’ve just got to believe in your clerk … After all, four percent of nothing much is not worth bothering about ... more

Baby Barristers    August 20, 2009  
The Club

Life at The Swine … Junior Junior turns his phone off as he explores the obscure rules that are the preserve of Melbourne club land ... more

Baby Barristers    July 5, 2009  
What I learned from Malcolm

When life goes Turnbull-shaped all is not lost. A young barrister can pick-up valuable tips from the way Mr 18 Percent handles things ... more

Baby Barristers    June 17, 2009  
Three good reasons

Our Junior Junior is freshly turned out as a barrister with tons of work-free time to ponder the brilliance of this career move … Surely the lack of fee-producing activity is due to an electrical fault in chambers ... more