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Procrustes Articles from 2009
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Procrustes    August 14, 2009  

Corporate donations to political parties … What is the problem, asks Procrustes? ... WA Inc showed the way … Others have followed … It’s democracy – sort of ... more

Procrustes    July 31, 2009  
The Attorney General and the Sheik

A great beat-up about AG McClelland’s nice reference for Sheik Mansour Leghaei … ASIO says the Sheik is a danger … Procrustes thinks much the same thing about ASIO ... more

Procrustes    July 14, 2009  
The law is the law

Julie Bishop’s faux concern about Aboriginal welfare … She’s from WA, after all, where there is a finely crafted love of the Crown avoidance mechanism … Tony Templeman showed how to do it … Procrustes lets fly ... more

Procrustes    June 30, 2009  
Keep them out

House of Lords has overthrown British sovereignty on national security … At least our High Court is made of sterner stuff … Beware a Bill of Rights … Procrustes prefers the well-manicured approach to society ... more

Procrustes    April 28, 2009  
Not cricket

The rule of law hasn’t changed that much in Fiji. The White Chaps used to govern the place through Orders in Council from London. Now the ukases are being handed out by the Fuzzies. Procrustes asks, what’s the big diff? ... more