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Deja Vu Articles from 2010
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Deja Vu    August 5, 2010  
From the mouths of craftsmen

Justinian’s hardcopy archive is a warehouse of gems … We shall remember them … Littlemore comes to grips with the language … VicAppeals unhappy without the two counsel rule … Languid Family judge hits herself in the face ... more

Deja Vu    June 28, 2010  
L.C. Gruzman, I. Temby and Teddy Kennedy

From the Rewind Office … Justinian’s hard copy archive coughs-up snippets from 22 years ago … Laurence Gruzman’s fear of AIDS infected Qantas stewards … Ian Temby’s fearlessness … And the Australian Legal Convention – a bridge too far for Teddy Kennedy ... more

Deja Vu    May 28, 2010  
Sit omnibus lingua Latina

Rewind ... From Justinian’s hard copy archive … Justice Ian Callinan’s problems with his Latin exams … He wasn’t so crash hot at maths or political science either … Special court ruling to allow future High Court judge to become an articled clerk ... more

Deja Vu    April 28, 2010  

Remember NSW Supreme Court Justice David Yeldham? ... The powers-that-be knew of his activities in the railway toilets of the underground, but looked the other way … The Police Royal Commission’s final report tracked the history of inaction by ICAC and the Judicial Commission … From Justinian’s hard copy archive ... more

Deja Vu    April 13, 2010  

From Justinian’s hard copy archive … The day the property lads at Corrs met some rough trade in the bush at Helensburgh … Skirmish in the scrub ... more

Deja Vu    March 23, 2010  

Those were the days … John Marsden’s meddling and running off at the mouth … Then there was the Botany scandal and ICAC dropping the ball … Contrary to Temby’s claim old aldermen do remember … From Justinian’s hard copy archive ... more

Deja Vu    March 9, 2010  

From Justinian’s hard copy archive … The NSW bar’s great struggles against John Basten and Wendy Bacon ... more

Deja Vu    February 19, 2010  

Justinian remembers … Nicolas Cowdery’s famous blast about the inward-looking, mean-spirited and reactionary leadership of the legal profession … The Babette Smith affair, or how not to sack a CEO of the Bar ‘n’ Grill … Bad blood runs freely … All from our hard copy archive ... more

Deja Vu    January 26, 2010  

The then Media Watch host and one of the country’s most magnificent silks gently birched in the High Court for not knowing the rules … Plucked from Justinian’s hardcopy archive ... more