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Deja Vu Articles from 2009
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Deja Vu    December 15, 2009  

From Justinian’s storeroom of hard copy treasures comes a few tales of woe about former Dizzo judge John Lloyd Jones … Interruptions galore and testiness with counsel … The Court of Appeal dished out some medicine ... more

Deja Vu    December 4, 2009  

Seventeen years ago there was a huge stoush in Sydney between the bar and the big law firms … The solicitors were pressing for efficiencies and cost savings … The bar would have none of it … From Justinian’s hard copy archive ... more

Deja Vu    November 12, 2009  

From Justinian’s vast treasure trove of stories from the hard copy era comes the famous exchange between celebrity solicitor Chris Murphy and magistrate Douglas Simpson … Don’t call me “insolent” ... Custody cases get priority over Murph’s costs … Complaint about solicitor’s conduct goes nowhere ... more

Deja Vu    October 5, 2009  

Aleco Vrasakis, one time dazzling orb at Blake Dawson Waldron, caught in Rothwells crunch … Defence fund set up to pay his fines and costs … Heady days ... more

Deja Vu    September 21, 2009  

From Justinian’s print archive … Snaggy President hits reef … Vast amounts of energy and emotion expended over the NSW bar’s Geoffrey Proud painting … Call for the creation of a cultural sub-committee ... more

Deja Vu    August 21, 2009  

Patrick White biography upsets the neighbours … Simos family livid … Lawyers to the rescue ... more

Deja Vu    July 16, 2009  

From Justinian’s hard copy archive we’ve unearthed a plea from Adrian Powles at Parklea Prison … Allens’ former top dog asks the law ‘n’ order brutes of the airwaves for a bit of understanding about the real deprivations of doing time ... more

Deja Vu    July 3, 2009  

It’s 1995 and John Marsden, the colourful Campbelltown solicitor, has just started his marathon defamation action against Channel 7. In March that year Justinian published a background piece on the battles Marsden was fighting on various fronts. In 2001 he won his dafamation case with an award of damages of $525,000 by Justice David Levine (subsequently settled after an appeal) ... more

Deja Vu    June 23, 2009  

From the hard copy era … Law Society singalongs on the train trip to Adelaide … “Disappointing legal advice” from Abbott Tout ... more

Deja Vu    June 9, 2009  

We’ve just had the 20th anniversary celebrations of the ABC’s Media Watch. What a rollicking program it was with Littlemore and Salter in the saddle, as this piece from Justinian’s hard copy days shows … The Bar Rat blunder … That Qantas flight ... more

Deja Vu    May 25, 2009  

From Justinian’s grab bag of hard copy delights we pull out a fabulous 1994 survey of councillors of the NSW Law Society, who had recently passed a motion calling for the decriminalisation of the personal use of marijuana. “Have you ever smoked pot?” we boldly asked members of the council. We got some heady answers ... more

Deja Vu    May 6, 2009  

More from Justinian’s hard copy archives … How the Curse of Justinian struck Sir Arthur George … 1994 Sydney bar ‘n’ grill election results … Rozenes’ special thoughts on rape ... more

Deja Vu    April 17, 2009  

Slices of life from Justinian’s hard copy days. Fifteen years ago Ian Temby defended his role as a spinner for ICAC … And how did hourly rates of pay stack-up 21 years ago? ... more

Deja Vu    April 9, 2009  
Ooh Carol

Remember the Carol Foreman saga? Justinian was there in 1994 when Justice Michael Kirby, then Prez of NSWAppeals, said that Clayton Utz’s fees in a family law case were “prima facie appalling” ... From our Dévù Vu collection ... more

Deja Vu    April 3, 2009  

Tubby Callinan’s ill-fated 1994 defamation action against The Sydney Morning Herald. He claimed the paper had called him a “parasite”. From Justinian’s bulging archive … 15 years ago ... more

Deja Vu    March 27, 2009  

Slices from Justinians past: 20 and 15 years ago … There’s an eerie familiarity to old news … Our hard copy days burst back to life ... more